Mugabe + Prostate Cancer

Today Western media is hoping again for the demise of Robert Mugabe due to prostate cancer. I recall them expressing the same hopes some 25 years ago – announcing he has prostate cancer and will die soon as it is customary in the West with such a diagnosis.

I know the doc who was Mugabe’s personal physician in the late eighties, so I know Mugabe knows that PSA test is fraud, biopsy is fraud, the entire method of diagnosing prostate cancer is fraud and the paradigm of treating with chemo and radio is more than fraud, it is premeditated murder, manslaughter out of incompetence and ignorance at best.

Mugabe knows that most men have cancerous cells when they get older. With the latest Tesla MRI you can detect cancerous prostate cells in 85% of all men above the age of 40.
Turning this diagnosis into “prostate cancer that requires treatment” is the art of the cancer industry. Mugabe has not fallen for this in the past 25 years and I see no reason why he should now, he has the knowledge and the experience after all.

In contrast some Western politicians choose to believe their own spin and opt for surgery, chemo and radio and brachy – then they have a foundation named after them upon their demise.

You can read about prostate cancer on my website:

and I post some extracts of Western media below:
Zimbabwe’s 86-year-old President Robert Mugabe denies having been gravely ill and describes reports that he recently underwent surgery in Malaysia as “naked lies crafted by the Western-manipulated media,” state radio reported Monday.

Mugabe arrived home late Sunday from his annual vacation and said he had been in Singapore, not Malaysia. Reports in the British, South African and independent Zimbabwean media said Mugabe was operated on for an inflamed prostate gland, citing diplomats and other unnamed sources.

Mugabe, who is scheduled to attend an African Union summit in Ethiopia later this week, told the fiercely loyal state broadcaster that there were always Western-sponsored rumors he was dying when he was absent from his office.

“Those are the lies they put across from year to year. Now it’s something you expect each time I go on leave and they also go on their campaigns,” he was quoted as saying.

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