Mummy Flu outbreak threatens human survival

The Mummy Flu is another designer-flu to follow up on Bird and Swine.

Mummy Flu originated in Cairo today, or will emerge in the very near future.

A mummy violated during riots is believed to be the source.
An ancient spell cast on the mummy predicts that mankind will come to an end should the mummy be disturbed.

Symptoms of the Mummy Flu vary and can be anything that appears suddenly or develops slowly. There is no cure, Mummy Flu is an incurable disease.

Unlike Bird and Swine that got exposed as commercial scams by Big Pharma
Mummy Flu is serious, dead serious. The mass media will make sure of this.
Anyone who believed that mortally wounded birds fly for weeks to cross continents to drop off a virus there will also believe in Mummy. The belief in Swine is living proof.
The only exception was the health ministry of Poland that refused to take part in this scam.

Rumors have it that the Egyptians conspired with the Mayans who in turn created a calendar expiring in 2012 to coincide with violation of mummy, appearance of mummy flu and extinction of man. The mass media will connect the dots, no doubt, and offer different scenarios for the working of mummy flu – all spell-carriers dropping dead on the same day is one of them.

How can you protect yourself?
You can’t, mummy flu is not transmitted by an ordinary non-existent virus created by the marketing department of some company, but a spell that can be transmitted by mobile phone, tv or computer screens.

Do not despair !

A white knight is on the horizon in the shape of Big Pharma. Big Pharma vows to save man from extinction – a vaccine is in the making. This comes in three versions;

1. Silver Mummy Flu Vaccine, heavily laced with mercury and forced onto developing countries by WHO.

2. Gold, the preferred option of the developed world and covered by health insurances and national health systems.

3. Platinum, endorsed by the Vatican who receives a significant share of profits and guarantees a place in heaven should the vaccine fail.

No vaccine has ever worked, it cannot work by design.
This has not prevented the “industry” to elevate vaccinations to a religion,
an over-lord-religion spanning all religions and societies.

Will the Mummy Flu Vaccine become the first in the history of vaccines to actually work?

I bet you anything it will prove 100% efficacy.

True or false?

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