Quacadometis mystery

What is Quacadometis?

A:…..a new incurable disease created in a big pharma lab?

B:….religion of sustainable living and human survival?

C:…(w)holistic seo-technique?

D:..mating ritual of prehistoric man preceding the invention of sex?

E:.cure for all and everything incurable?

Multiple answers are possible. Get one right or wrong and you qualify for the title of “Disciple of Quacadometis”. This does not entitle you to wear a holy shine, yet.

The Quacadometis holy shine is reserved for Quacadometis gurus. Your ambition to become such a guru can be fulfilled and require you to take these steps:

1. read on infoholix.net: http://infoholix.net/category.php?mId=113

2. install infoholix Health News (iHN) on your blog or website, generate your iHN-code here:

3. Choose a keyword, for example “organic massage oil” or “meditation” and add Quacadometis in front, so you get “Quacadometis organic massage oil” or “Quacadometis meditation”.

4. Embed the Quacadometis enhanced keyword in your text and add to your meta description. Then add to your infoholix.net listing, if you do not have an account but a free listing only I’ll be glad to add it for you. Send me an email with Quacadometis in subject to wihaceha@yahoo.com.

5. Make Quacadometis go viral, ask your contacts and social media connections to search for Quacadometis in google, bing, yahoo, etc. Your blog or website will appear on the first page of search results. The more searches performed the higher the ranking of your site in general – latest algorithms reward sites that appear in search results.

I have demonstrated this by example and quote from my News Flash 17.2.11:

Within 48 hours it achieved
top ranking in google, yahoo and others.

I paste the google result below

infoholix.net – websites for therapists and webpromotion for

websites for CAM therapists,Quacadometis, web-designers for websites for therapists and website promotion via infoholix.net.

Precondition for this achievement is daily indexing by google and others
and high PR ranking. Both is the case for infoholix.net.

6. Many religions will agree that the “gods” help those who help themselves.
Execute these instructions to the letter and you’ll become a Quacadometis guru entitled to wear the holy shine.



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