Fukushima Meltdown in process

News Flash 25/26.3.- Fukushima Meltdown in process

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As of today Japanese politicians and officials start their rounds of apologies which is customary in Japanese culture when you have failed or you have been caught out and your lies and deceptions can no longer be covered up.

As of today all further attempts to cool reactors 1, 2 and 3 have been abandoned.

When you use salt water you know salt forms an encrustation that makes cooling with sweet water impossible at a later stage. Cooling with salt water postpones the inevitable by a few days or weeks.

They published the figure of 3.900.000 Bq for water in one of the reactors but the sample size (the all import figure – details below) was not mentioned at first. I assumed it to be one cubic meter as this is the usual sample size that you refer to in science.  3.9m Bq/m2 would indicate a meltdown in process.

How did they collect this sample size? …..could it be they drained it of the workers taken to hospital yesterday?

Digging deeper I learned that the sample size is 1 cubic centimeter – and you know how many cubic centimeters there are in 1 cubic meter.

I am wishing Yoshimitsu, my friend and distributor of Donna Glove in Japan, lots of luck.

Stop – update 25.3.11 23:32

Fuel rods in reactor 3 were enriched with plutoninum at a rate of 3% to 6%.

Take one gram of plutonium 239 and divide into a billion parts, when inhaled 40 of these parts cause 15 Sv (not mSv) in your body, resulting in death within days.

Plutonium 239 are Alpha rays (see explanation below), one of these parts radiates no further than a few centimeters – and is physically so weak that it won´t even hit through a sheet of paper. But inhale it and it kills your cells.

Dispersed into the atmosphere it can drop anywhere. This is not an issue of Japan but of the Northern hemisphere.

Europeans may want to revise statements that “thinned out clouds” having travelled from Japan via Pacific, Northern America and Atlantic constitute no public health risks.

Stop – update 26.3.11 02:20

Japanese officials announce that “radioactive particles” have been measured “far away” from the reactor.

I find this kind of information rather insulting. They have got the thermography pictures, they know what state reactor 3 is in, but hey choose to say nothing but useless soundbites for the mass media.

Stop – update Sunday 27.3.11 17:22 GMT

Today they stated “airborne levels” of 10million Millisievert (mSv) “outside”. Then they claimed an error in that reading and revised to 1.000mSv per HOUR, assuming that this will calm the population, I guess.

In their panic and confusion they don´t seem to realize how many hours there are in a year.

Tepco´s current safety levels are 100mSv/year for employees and the government´s are 250mSv/year.
Contract workers are excluded, most of the 600 working in Fukushima are contract workers.

Emergency shelters have started to require “free-of-radiation-certificates” from people leaving the exclusion zone!

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