Highly radioactive fuel rods gone missing, 2285 to be exact.

News Flash 4.4.11 Highly radioactive fuel rods gone missing, 2285 of them to be exact.
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These 2285 fuel rods are the shape of balls the size of a tennis ball. Their mass of highly radioctive material includes 23 kilograms of thorium 232 and a further 2,2 kilograms of uranium 235. Now they have gone missing, someone must have mislaid them.

In the country that perfected bureaucracy, where nothing moves without documentation in duplicates and triplicates requiring to be stamped by authorities and where security is so tight that not even a virus could sneak past check points. I am talking about Germany.

The nuclear research facility in Jülich still has 288.161 of these tennis balls stored in 152 barrels, all accounted for and awaiting a “final solution” since 1988.

Officials and politicians blamed each other yesterday, Sunday April 3rd. Theories emerged placing the disappeared balls at the saltmines of Asse, a nuclear waste dump housing some 126.000 barrels of low radiation waste, an intermediate storage facility awaiting a final solution also. A check on inventory found no trace of any delivery from Jülich. This would have been highly illegal anyway as Asse does not store high radiation waste.

These two locations are two of the “European Hanfords”. Cancer incidences around Asse for certain cancers are twice or three times the national average. Medical experts contend that there is no correlation between cancer and radiation.

Where did these 2285 balls go?
Given the black market value that amounts to quite a few $millions I suspect they found new owners.

The international conference for nuclear security starts today (Vienna 4.4. – 14.4.11).
The news about the 2285 missing balls will break later today. Who will report it and how?
You can be assured that the German government will come up with the most plausible explanation. No doubt will be casted on the integrity of the nuclear industry, some mainstream media will alledge “sloppiness” at worst, and the German government will announce an enquiry and “lessons will be learnt”.

Nobody will ask the question “How many dirty bombs can you make with 25,2 kilos?”.

On Sunday “first time” measurements reading 250 times normal within the exclusion zone were announced. Measurements from further out are still not made public, but they do exist, I´ve been observing them for weeks.

They exist for every Prefecture, the 20 kilometer zone, the 30 kilometer zone and beyond.
I am posting all links to all live measuring stations on infoholix.net/blog/ ……

…. some show below the usual background radiation. Do such miracles happen?
…..others show 65 Microsievert/hour (0,2 is normal background) in far away areas!

on page 5 is the map showing locations of measuring stations


overview of measuring stations outside 20 km zone


Tepco´s measurements inside the plant – in German and not meant to be seen by the public


this link shows readings of all Prefectures. You manipulate a dosimeter by setting a certain measurement range, it will show zero (and not even the normal background radiation of 0.2 Microsievert/hour) when hit by a dose above the set range. You cannot fool a Japanese journalist with this blatent deception, I am sure, but then there is the issue of remaining a member of the media club and keeping your job.


“Japan action plan” will provide reliable data, created by the public for the public, so please continue reading……….

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