End of Japan part 4, Killing the DNA of a Nation

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Japan produced 83.000 tons of green tea last year. The area of Shizuoka is some 370 kilometers south-west of the Fukushima nuclear power plant and accounts for about 40% of green tea production.

Last month radioactive cesium at levels of 460 Bequerel was measured in tea leaves in Shizuoka. This prompted the government to raise the safety levels to 500 Bq while milk and others remained at 300 Bq. Other areas close to Fukushima had exceeded the 500 Bq level and had to seize harvesting, namely the prefectures of Ibaraki and Chiba as well as Kanagawa and Tochigi.

Last Friday, June 10th, cesium levels of 679 Bq were found in Shizuoka and production was stopped.

It is now safe to assume that the entire crop is contaminated. Grean tea gets reported as it is also exported, but all the fruits and vegetables destined for the local markets do not get reported.

There is obviously no safe food left in Japan and the government ignores the issue as they have no solution. People need to eat now. Importing food for 120 million people and storing on contaminated ground is not the answer.

The three reactors are melting down further and sooner or later they’ll eat their way through any containment. The amount of radiation they are leaking now is obviously enough to raise cesium levels from 460 Bq to 679 Bq in a matter of weeks at a distance of 370 kilometers, in a south-western direction where there is no outfall supposed to be at all.

The city of Tokyo has announced they’ll start monitoring in a week or two. They have not felt the need to do so until now, albeit inofficial measurements done by individuals indicate that Tokyo is no longer fit for human inhabitation.

Radiation damages and destroys cells. Radiation causes illnesses over the life time of a person and even worse, it damages your DNA that you pass on to your children.

People are still dying from the bomb on Hiroshima today. This year, 3,062 new names will be added to the list of 269,446 people already registered as atomic bomb victims.

The revised list will be placed inside the cenotaph at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park on August 6th, the anniversary of the bombing.

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