Dollar notes without ketchup Part 4

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Did I exaggerate about banks and derivatives?

In 1997 the Nobel for economics went to Robert Merton and Myron Scholes for their methodology to evaluate derivatives. Based on their theory they had built Hedgefonds LTCM.
All the banks used this methodology and enticed small investors.

In 1998 LTCM collapsed. So much for elevating economics to the status of science and awarding Nobels.

The United States Government Accountability Office published its audit of the bailout in July.
GOA-11-696 has 266 pages and all are worth reading. All politicians get a copy automatically. You can request your copy by email from Orice Williams Brown williamso (at)

Page 196 lists the top 25 borrowers of unsecured commercial papers. I extract a few non-US based banks only that helped themselves to out-of-thin-air created Fed-money,
all figures in $billions:

1. UBS Switzerland 75.4
3. Dexia SA, Belgium 53.5 (went bust last week)
5. BSN Holdings, UK 42.8
7. Barclays PLC, UK 38.8
8. Royal Bank of Scotland, UK 38.5
9. Fortis Bank, Belgium 38.5
11. Natixis, France 27

The list of European banks goes on and on, even car maker BMW required 6.2. Arguably the only credit worthy bank of the whole lot.

On page 205 you find table 24 listing foreign central banks using Dollar Swap lines. The European Central Bank alone required over $8tn (eight trillion) to meet the needs of its customers, followed by the Bank of England with $919bn.

Add all up, including the $300 to $600bn that the audit could not find due to lack of documentation !!?? – and you come to roughly 16 trillion, that’s 15 trillion more than then official 1 trillion that politicians and media like you to believe.

The media can have this audit since July, everyone in government has got it and you can get your own copy. The fact that hundreds of billions have gone missing (are undocumented) should be of interest to the public and media alike and warrant an investigation.

The audit uses the expression “off-balance entity that failed to refinance itself”. This can be illustrated for the not-so-bank-savvy:

“A heap of dog pooh (derivatives) is declared to be a piece of art (asset) by the reputable art dealer (bank) and sold over and over again. The flies start to buzz around it and nobody wants to touch it, it smells so bad and has become an “off-balance entity that fails to refinance itself.”

But it is not derivatives only, government bonds that have no chance of ever getting repaid but need to be refinanced smell just as bad. We have this ridiculous situation where banks make loans to governments which cannot repay – so the banks hold these “off-balance entities” which amount to more than the bank’s capital provided by the rich. As the rich are not allowed to loose the very same governments that cannot repay their bonds now recapitalize those failing banks. So where do they get the money for this from?

From you, the citizen, the voter who has elected these governments and who will keep voting for the same people again and again. Citizens of Europe and the US voluntarily become financial slaves who not enslave themselves only but their children and grand children.

Those 16 trillion, known to us as 1 trillion, were no more than a test for “how much can you take the public for”. Laws are being passed that give governments a blank cheque for creating new money and bypassing parliament in order to do so quickly. A survey of parliamentarians in Germany revealed that these guys did not even know the amount of money they sanctioned when they voted for the rescue umbrella.

These so-called democracies are reminiscent of sheep electing the shepherd that leads them to the abattoir.

While financial issues dominate capitalistic societies they do not in Permaculture Paraguay, Pecu. Capitalism even turns your health into a profit issue that requires insurance, the participation of banks, loans and governments. In Pecu no such issue exists, while your health cannot be guaranteed it does not need to be insured (wrong term anyway as treatment costs are insured and not your health), Pecu members get all treatments as part of their membership at no extra costs.

How does Pecu treat non-members?
Let’s make an example: a baker living in US is diagnosed with cancer. This requires long term treatment in a stress-free environment. Organic food is an essential part, Pecu provides both.

The baker joins Pecu as a temporary member. He works as a baker (or in a different job), earns the same as everybody else and enjoys the same benefits. There is a slight difference, the member has his own house and works about 100 hours per month, the temporary member needs to rent a house and hence has to work a bit more to cover the rent.

This example shows that someone without money can have all necessary treatments.
Naturally our treatment regimen based on Otto Warburg, Wilhelm von Brehmer, etc, result in cure. Otto Warburg received the Nobel in 1931 for the discovery of the causes of cancer.
Based on this knowledge many physicians developed successful cures. These are still available in Germany today and paid for by the compulsory insurances. But you also have the option to get yourself killed with chemo and radio which is equally paid for by insurers.

Chemo and radio cost a lot more than naturopathic cures in Germany, the insurers don’t care, and people in capitalistic societies seem to think “the higher the price the better”.
Chemotherapy was developed by the “Hitler administration” and excessively tested in facilities like Auschwitz. Originally it was introduced as the low-cost option which requires patients to take little time off work only.

German Big Pharma made chemo a worldwide success and screwed the costs up accordingly. Paraguay was one of the few countries that never took part in the cancer scam. Their physicians were trained in Germany in the thirties and rejected the new claims of “cause of cancer is unknown – more research needed” which took the world by storm in the late forties and fifties.

The Mennonites also played an important part in Paraguayan medicine. Some thirty thousand Mennonites settled in the Chaco in the thirties. Paraguay gave them 500.000 hectares which they farm organically. They are probably the world’s largest permaculture.
They have autonomy and provide the whole of Paraguay with organic food.

I have taken impulses for the concept of Permaculture Paraguay from the Mennonites. They have become the most prosperous community in the whole of South America. Their religious component plays a minor role, decisive is their common sense that places sustainability above all other aspects. They have no poor and no deprivation, everybody has a roof over his head and plenty of good food in his stomach.

Their principle is this: You do not put some cows on good pastures and let others starve. You put them all on good pastures then you can milk them all.

Link to Permaculture Paraguay:
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