Euro notes with mint sauce Part 4

David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom, made a speech about the crisis of capitalism last Thursday. Here are excerpts:

“We get the free market. We know its failings as well as its strengths. No true Conservative has a naive belief that all politics has to do is step back and let capitalism rip.”

“Uncontrolled globalisation can slide into monopolisation, sweeping aside the small, the personal and the local.”

He claimed Labour feared standing up to the City and mistook the interests of big business for those of the economy.

“The City, which should have been a powerhouse of competition and creativity, became instead a byword for a sort of financial wizardry that left the taxpayer with all the risk, and a fortunate few with all of the rewards. So instead of popular capitalism we ended up with unpopular capitalism.”

He also promised to “bust open the cosy collusion between big business and big government that locks small businesses out of public sector contracts – a market worth GBP150bn a year”.

He pointed out he had, at the start of his leadership, argued that the previous government’s turbo-capitalism turned a blind eye to corporate excess.

Labour, by contrast, had made a Faustian pact with the City encouraging a debt-crazed economy to fund its welfare bill, he said.

Hmmm…….this does sound good, doesn’t it?

A speech by the same man who used Britain’s veto powers in the European Union to protect the interests of the City. Is this a change of heart or speech writers?

Or has he read Goethe’s Faust “now that you’ve called the devils you can’t get rid of them”.

Well, he obviously has not read my ebook “2012/20 Capitalism Endgame”, yet, or he would not be talking about “turbo-capitalism, popular and unpopular capitalism”.

It is your privilege to read it first. The price is 12.20 or 20.12 in any currency, may this be Sterling, Euros or US$ or any other that can be exchanged for organic food. Send me an email to to order it.

The ebook format has no electronic protection and you are welcome to send it as present to friends or let them borrow it, just as you would do with a printed book.

I’ll release the chapters as I write them. Here is an excerpt:

” Capitalism is a form of human energy, the most destructive form of energy on this planet.

Capitalism adheres to the laws of nature, it is a pleomorphic process.

In order to understand Capitalism we need to understand Pleomorphism.

I have detailed Pleomorphism from Claude Bernard to Guenter Enderlein in chapters 32 to 35. For this intro we need to understand the principle only.

You observe pleomorphic processes under a greyfield microscope, you won’t see anything under an electron microscope as this manipulates the very natural phenomena you want to see.

The basis of life is the “protit”, Guenter Enderlein called it “spermite” in German which got translated to protit in English publications.

The protit takes on a form of life according to the environment it encounters. When it encounters a ph value of 7.3 in humans it takes on the life form of life-sustaining bacteria. When this environment changes to ph 6, for example, it changes to a life-threatening bacteria like Cholera, etc. When this bacteria gets attacked by antibiotics the protit morphs into a virus and goes inside a cell where it is save from the environment of the plasma.

Capitalism thrives in any environment, then it changes this environment so it can become the dominant ideology.

Capitalism works in conjunction with any ideology, it has been tried with fascism, communism, catholicism and always manages to dominate these, democracy and egoism are the most successful breeding grounds for capitalism.”

Having observed the GOP candidates in South Carolina I wondered if their conditions are treatable, so I asked Elizabeth Joyce, the creator of

Inter-Dimensional Ascencion Vibrational Healing, IAVH, for her opinion.

That’s what she said:

” You can always apply the seals to “clean and clear ” the surrounding atmosphere. You don’t have to direct it to a person, direct it to a situation and wonders happen.

Ask for all to be cleared for the highest good. You can never clear a Soul against their will, but when you clear the situation, the stuck or stubborn person is shown up and can truly be embarrassed.

Remember when all is cleared, the truth comes out and “dark” energies are cleared away and exposed.”

Elizabeth is holding seminars in February and April in Doylestown, PA.

These are aimed at therapists wishing to become IAVH-therapists with a view of advancing to IAVH-tutor. Details are here:

and here:

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