Prostate Cancer – cure after failed chemo and radiotherapy?

The American Cancer Society issued new guidelines today, 03.03.2010.

The emphasis is on “shared decision making between doctors and patients”. A study published last August in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found routine screening for prostate cancer resulted in more than 1 million U.S. men being diagnosed with tumors who might otherwise have suffered no ill effects from them.

These men were diagnosed with PSA tests which are totally unsuitable for detecting prostate cancer. This has been known in the “industry” for decades and has been documented in clinical studies last year:

These “new” guidelines still do not abolish PSA test but recommend that patients should be better informed by their physicians about the risks.

“These risks are not inconsequential. We do want to be sure that men know all of this before they make their decision of whether or not to be screened,” said Dr. Andrew Wolf of Virginia Health System, who chaired the advisory committee that developed the guidelines published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

“We are increasingly aware of the fact that many men who do choose to be screened are diagnosed with an early prostate cancer that leads to treatment, and if they had not been screened, they never would have known about a cancer that was never destined to harm them,” Dr Andrew Wolf said.

“That is a very real risk of prostate cancer screening that has become increasingly clear since our last guideline update in 2001,” Dr Andrew Wolf said.

Unsurprisingly there is no mention that the recommended treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy always fail. This failure is cloaked with statistics that show two-year and five-year survival rates, the eight-year rate is never published.

These statistics also disguise the fact that survival is not cure. When you have survived the treatment for five years and die the next day you have made the five-year stats.

What can you do after failed treatment

Your prostate cancer is “cooked”, no further radiation is possible.
When you live in Europe you opt for “salvage treatment” with Ablatherm HIFU.
The success rate is 98%.
Most European Health Systems cover the costs.

Why have chemo and radiation when you can have HIFU as primary treatment?

Ask Big Pharma, cancer societies, politicians and the “cancer media” and you’ll realize why you “choose” to be screened – and “opt” for chemo and radio thereafter.



Wilfrid Hartnagel

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