Euro notes with mint sauce Part 6

The European Union has a population of some 504 million including 11 million Greek.

The EU has a labor force of some 230 million including 5 million Greek.

The EU has some 14,000 € billion debt including 300 € billion Greek debt.

Given those figures one should think that the 98% are always able to support the 2%.
One should assume that the collective consciousness of a decent and humane society such as the European society would express an unequivocal desire to help the 2% in need of help.

So why are these 2% in need of help?

Greece was governed by a military junta from 1967 to 1974, a junta by the grace of the US.
The US provided unlimited credit. Greece was a country of milk and honey for those who collaborated with the junta. The junta created highly paid jobs in public services. These salaries did not have to be paid from tax revenue as the US paid the bill, a minute fraction of the cost of war in Vietnam.

An oligarchy was generated and rewarded with business licenses, valuable licenses that established closed shop professions with high incomes. When Greece returned to democracy these licenses remained as the foundations of the economy. They can be inherited and traded. For example a taxi license can cost 100,000€ upwards and a truck license 250,000€. Some 140 industry sections are licensed, resulting in an economy that cannot compete and scares off any investor.

The oligarchy established two political parties whose interest was to maintain the status quo, the previously enjoyed privileges. A two party system reminiscent of the systems in all so-called democracies that embrace capitalism. The electorate chooses from two sides of the same coin, the coin is capitalism cloaked as democracy.

This system came to an end in Greece that literally wiped out the two established parties with the elections last week and will be reiterated in the elections in June. The then government will inherit a country with a work force of five million of which above one million is unemployed, above two million drawing public service salaries and less than two million whose tax burden is supposed to pay for all these. On top of all this these less than two million also need to pay close to three million pensions.

It goes without saying that the oligarchy does not pay taxes, this is no different to any other capitalistic country. If threatened by taxes the shipping companies would register under Liberian flags and the oligarchs change residency to offshore islands.

It is estimated that the Greek oligarchs have some 600€ billion of assets out of reach of the future Greek government, this amounts to twice the Greek debt. These billions are deposited with Goldman Sachs and other big banks which in turn buy Greek bonds which yield high interest rates. From an oligarch’s point of view this makes more sense than paying taxes which eliminate the need for Greece to borrow. No government debt means nowhere to invest these tax free billions – governments are the only secure takers of these vast amounts.

Draining a country and enslaving it in debt by feeding the syphoned off capital back into it is a principle of capitalism.

About the principle of the so-called “bailout of Greece”:

The EU pays off loans from banks that Greece is not able to service. This ensures that Greece does not go bankrupt and the banks don’t loose out. The population of Greece does not see a penny of this.

In return for not seeing a penny the population guarantees to repay the remaining 200 € billion of debt. This is supposed to be achieved through “austerity”.

When these conditions were agreed by all benefitting parties (IMF, banks and politicians) they were based on these figures for 2012:

Greece will have a trade deficit of around 30 € billion assuming 40€bn exports and 70€bn imports. About 80% of food is imported hence an appropriate credit line is imperative to prevent starvation.

The government can expect tax revenue of 90€bn at best and expenditure trimmed down to 110€bn or 120€bn if austerity measures are not implemented quick enough. The budget deficit of 20 to 30€bn to be financed through selling state assets estimated to be worth 50€bn. (Note: 1.6€bn have been sold in the past two years and the rest are non competitive entities that nobody has bid a penny for yet).

How Greece should be able to service 200€bn of debt based on those figures remains the secret of the “experts”. These appear to favor shifting a million people from the account “public service salaries” to “unemployment benefits” – then reducing the latter. Populists are of the opinion that the public sector could be reduced by 90% as these are not doing any work anyway and obtained their positions as political favors. A voluntary euthanasia program for pensioners has not been suggested, yet.

No matter what ingenious account shifting you apply you do not change a society that cannot sustain itself to a sustainable one. Hence we go back to square one, what does it take for the affluent 98% to support the less fortunate 2%?

We may look at this issue from a more global perspective:

In 2011 the world economy amounted to $70 trillion, the proportion of the real economy producing goods and services that form the basis for taxation at an average rate of 40 to 50 percent.

The financial service industry amounted to $7,004 trillion (seven thousand and four), this is not taxed. A mathematical genious may be found who can work out what tax rate would be required to replace the taxes imposed on the real economy.

The paradigm of capitalism dictates that any such attempt is blasphemy, persued by those who do not love Israel, the US, EU, Goldman Sachs and all those righteous politicians that have the interests of the public at heart, persued by despicable creatures that need to be labelled “liberal, leftwing and radical” so that the public understands that these are terrorists, economic terrorists.

This paradigm is deeply enshrined in the consciousness of each and every individual creating a collective consciousness. We firmly believe that there is no alternative to taxing the individual who cannot avoid being taxed and letting the oligarch off the hook. We firmly believe that capitalism is a philosophy that complies with nature of man. We love to be capitalists. We love the energies derived from capitalism.

Collective consciousness is subject to change – or is it not?
When energies change consciousness changes.

Amma, the Hugging Saint (, once said “give me a thousand people and we’ll change the collective consciousness of the world”.

I quote from
“Elizabeth Joyce did not “invent nor create” the information contained within the IAVH teachings and books. The information is translated verbatim from its source, the Universal consciousness, and this energetic information was placed in her body by Ammachi, the Hugging Saint. Elizabeth publicly teaches precisely what she has been given and taught.”
The next IAVH seminar with Elizabeth Joyce is in Doylestown, PA, June 16-17. Seminars in Europe will be held at Amma Centres in autum.

Greece is the cradle of democracy, true democracy, something that none of us has experienced, yet. Current events in Greece may well lead us to experience true democracy, some kind of divine providence seems to have chosen Greece.

In the meantime we have the pleasure to listen to Dave Cameron, prime minister of the UK by grace of the Great British Public, shouting “mint sauce” at Greece, the EU and the Euro. He would certainly benefit from Amma’s energy.

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