Friday 13th Donate your Newborn

If you want to get rid of a newborn in Germany you simple drop it in a Baby Hatch or Babyklappe as it is called in German.

These are hole-in-the-wall facilities just like cash machines. Open hatch – drop in newborn – close hatch and walk away – cannot be opened from the outside once weight is placed in the hatch.

Organizations that operate baby hatches include medical clinics, social welfare organizations and private associations.

The Sternipark organization in Hamburg, for example, promotes its counseling services and baby hatches under the motto, “No questions, no witnesses, no police.”

Sternipark has become something of a market leader within the German baby hatch scene. Sternipark opened the country’s first baby hatch in April 2000, on Goethestrasse in Hamburg.

Germany’s tabloids also do their bit. Bild, for example, runs baby pictures and headlines such as “Sweet little Ida found lying in the baby hatch,” about children reportedly left at Sternipark’s facilities. The organization, one article reads, is “looking for loving adoptive parents” if the birth mothers don’t get in touch. The article is followed by a toll-free number.

SPIEGEL reports: At the office of the Fulda branch of the Catholic Women’s Welfare Service (SKF), which operates under the auspices of social services organization Caritas, Gisela Buhl defends the concept of baby hatches. Buhl believes there should be more baby hatches — at least one in every sizable German city.

Baby Hatches

Baby hatch operators chose not to release their data. As a result, no one in Germany knows precisely how many children have been placed in baby hatches in the past 12 years, or what became of them afterward. There are about hundred operational baby hatches, nobody knows the exact number.

German medical equipment manufacturers recognize a tremendous export potential for baby hatches “Made in Germany” due to changing economic conditions worldwide.

Baby hatches do not require German government export guarantees to sell them as the return on investment happens quickly – one newborn dropped in and passed on to waiting adoptive parents – and you are in profit already – or have generated the revenue for your “Not-for-Profit” entity to pay generous wages and expenses.

Naturally the “Vatican approved” model costs a bit more, so does the “revolver type” with six chambers – but all are economically viable. Some spit out a twenty Euro/Pound/Dollar note after you’ve shut the hatch – this covers travel expenses, so women no longer have to kill and dump newborns.

While Greece, Portugal and Spain offer an obvious potential now that Greece has elected the same old government according to Germany’s wishes and Spain treats fertility of 50% youth unemployment with austerity, the most promissing potential may be in the UK. Here we have masses of home owners sitting on neagtive equity struggling to pay mortgages and leasing rates for their Mercedes and BMWs.

Richard Branson seems to have spotted this potential. His Virgin Care has a contract with NHS Surrey to provide GBP 500m worth of health services and GBP 130m worth with NHS Devon to run social care services for children and young people. Where the NHS fails to see potential Virgin Care may fill this gap, for humanitarian reasons of course, I assume, arguably.

British society evolves, becoming Sophisticated Humanitarian Educated European People, S.H.E.E.P.

SHEEP understand the needs of banks, industrial conglomerates and politicians.
SHEEP understand their place in society, they understand a newborn to become a burden, child benefit – kindergarten – school – police – courts – prison – unemployment benefits – healthcare – funerals, all costs to the state that reduces the state’s credit ratings and increases interest rates.

The English language will evolve, “did you keep it or hatch it?”, “did you Virgin-hatch, BUPA-hatch, or charity-hatch?”, an opportunity for brand-development. A common answer will be “…will hatch this one, haven’t decided on the brand yet, but may keep the next one if house prices and City bonuses are up again”. I’ve covered this issue in my book “2012/20 Capitalism Endgame”.

Also developing countries offer a vast potential. Take Paraguay for example, after the US government/Monsanto lead coup which is still in progress, spraying of Monsanto’s Round Up will intensify increasing the number of deformations – so the market for baby hatches increases.

Briefly about the status of the coup in Paraguay:
– Mercosur and Unasur have suspended membership of Py and recalled their ambassadors.
– The US, Canada and EU are reaping the benefits of their actions, naturally they have not recalled their ambassadors and make sure the media is keeping a blackout.

Effectively democracy in Py has sunk to UK-levels:
– No elected head of state
– No elected Upper House
– A Lower House regarded by the ruling class as tool to control the masses, and perceived by the people as representation.

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