Accessing the 5th dimension with Elizabeth Joyce1
Alexander technique27
Animal Communication28
Art therapy20
Aura therapy30
Bach flower35
Bowen therapy66
Breast Cancer - Mark Sircus Ac., OMD1
Breast Cancer early detection method3
Buteyko Breathing Therapy (BBT)48
Cancer - Heart disease - AIDS, Matthias Rath M.D.1
Cancer cure by Dr. Tullio Simoncini1
Categories under review121
Chromotherapy - Colour Therapy2
Craniosacral therapy56
Crystal healing78
Donna Fertility Testing Method1
Dorn Method14
Educational Institutes106
Environmental Medicine and Health3
Enzyme therapy11
Essential oils30
Feldenkrais method19
Feng shui50
Flotation therapy13
Flower essences59
Folk medicine31
Hawaiian Huna Massage3
High Intensity Focus Ultrasound HIFU4
Indian head massage75
Jaffe-Mellor technique (JMT)2
Jin Shin Do3
Jin shin jyutsu56
Journey therapy53
Kampo - Japan's traditional herbal medicine0
L.I.E.S.H. Therapy for breast + skin cancer1
Life coaching62
Louise L. Hay philosophy39
Low intensity laser therapy4
Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT)5
Meridian energy therapy (EFT)102
Meridian energy therapy - Thought Field Therapy40
Meridian energy therapy EmoTrance10
Meridian energy therapy FREEWAY-CER3
Meridian energy therapy REMAP process1

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Feng shui
  Feng shui is a way of life it`s also a way of bringing harmony and balance into your everyday life, so bringing about homeostasis, a balance between mind, body and spirit.
A trained feng shui practitioner will visit your home or office and spend time assessing your environment they will then advise you of changes that can be made to help improve the flow of energy in your surroundings, and thus also your harmony.

Australia 1. Roseline Deleu-one of the Top Australian Feng Shui Master, Author & Speaker trains consultants worldwide. She adapts the ancient teachings to our new lives and cultures, she excells teaching architects and professional in this industry. Roseline consults for homes, business,renovations,new projects.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 2. Sue Spencer is a Feng Shui practitioner in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire and also offers consultations in Bedfordshire. UK

United Kingdom 3. Rising Dragon Nationwide Feng Shui. Courses online and live, consultations nationwide.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 4. Patricia Marshall is a feng Shui consultant in Central England. UK

United Kingdom 5. Gaby Grant is a Feng Shui practioner in Penzance. UK

United States 6. Stanley Bartlett, Bartlett Designs, Feng Shui consultations, lectures, mail order catalogue, videos, written reports, plus coming soon "How to Build the Perfect Feng Shui House" video and written reports.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 7. Our resident Feng Shui Master practitioner Michael Hanna is one of the most sought after practitioners in Europe and has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform their lives for the better.

website e-mail
Canada 8. Sheila Wright is an International Feng Shui Consultant and Energy Balancing Specialist. Feng Shui and Space Clearing go hand in hand. They are both different ways for adjusting the energy of an environment, which in turn affects the people in the environment. However, the manner in which this is accomplished is very different.

website e-mail
Canada 9. Feng Shui to improve health, wealth, career, education, luck and protection. Feng Shui improves harmony between heaven, earth and man thereby harness good energy for good health, prosperity and luck.

website e-mail
United States 10. Southern California Feng Shui Advisors are Traditional Feng Shui consultants with years of professional experience, who have developed a unique, synergetic team approach to providing you with the highest quality Feng Shui Services for your home and business.

website e-mail
Singapore 11. Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net - Center for
Applied Feng Shui Research.
The Oldest & Largest Authentic Traditional Feng Shui on the Web.

website e-mail
South Africa 12. Antoinette Pedro lives in Cape Town, South Africa and is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Lecturer affiliated to Master Joseph Yu and the Feng Shui Research Center. Antoinette provides feng shui consultations for homes and businesses and is experienced in working with architects on new projects. She is also a practicing Chinese Astrologer, using the Four Pillars of Destiny method of analysis. As an official lecturer and representative of the FSRC, she teaches Professional Feng Shui Courses written and accredited by Master Yu. In addition to this she teaches Beginners courses in Feng Shui and Chinese astrology. Her interactive and customised talks to diverse audiences from the layperson to architects, civil engineers, interior designers, Aids Counselors and charity events have proved popular and successful.

website e-mail
Malaysia 13. Feng Shui Bestbuy provides authentic feng shui products at affordable prices and also Free feng shui consultation. Free self-study fengshui e-course for master feng shui practitioner.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 14. International feng shui resource centre offering advice, courses and distance learning. Welcome to the Feng Shui Institute, the international resource and research centre, a non profit centre.

website e-mail
United States 15. The Princeton Center for Yoga & Health is a yoga and holistic health center located in Skillman, NJ. The Center offers a variety of yoga, meditation and feng shui classes.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 16. Interior design that brings harmony to your living space.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 17. Feng Shui provision in Cardiff, Bristol, Reading, Birmingham, London, Harley St, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glastonbury. Diploma Hypnosis & Parapsychology. Fellow Royal society Promotion of Health. NVQ Assessor Advice & Guidance Modules. Accredited Therapist supervisor. Full range of issues assisted.

website e-mail
United States 18. Learn Feng Shui from the Experts NOW!

website e-mail
United Kingdom 19. E.I.I.S offers world class Pranic Feng Shui consultation for business or residential purposes. Our consultants are personally trained by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui to understand the subtle energies that impact on our lives.E.I.I.S also offers training in Pranic Feng Shui and energy related subjects.

website e-mail
United States 20. Learn Feng Shui online with our free and paid courses from international consultant, Angela Ang.

website e-mail
Canada 21. The Canadian website of Rising Dragon Feng Shui puts Feng Shui wisdom at your fingertips with easy and fun online courses taught by international consultant Angela Ang.

website e-mail
India 22. Fengshui translated means "the way of wind & water" or "the natural forces of the universe.". These forces affect everything in our world. The ancient Chinese belived in and lived their lives by these natural forces. Feng shui is based on four aspects. Building, Environment, people and time.

website e-mail
United States 23. Holistic and eco-friendly interiors, eastern and western traditions; magickal aromatherapy; classes both in person and online; lively workshops; color magicks.

website e-mail
Malaysia 24. Consultations, classical feng shui practitioner´s courses, seminars and talks worldwide are based on the culmination of a lifetime of analysis, interpretation and application distilled through Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai´s 50 years of experience.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 25. Thomas Coxon Associates offer authentic Feng Shui consultations for residential/commercial premises.

website e-mail
India 26. Online and onsite feng shui and bazi (Four pillars of destiny) consultation by Jayashree Bose. Website has free monthly newsletter, kua calculator, flying star calculator, articles, tutorials, free information booklet and free solutions for viewer´s queries.

website e-mail
United States 27. Learn how to bring a good energy flow into your home to make it a peaceful sanctuary - with more joy, luck, success & prosperity. Please check my site for my Ebook, Live an Abundant Life with Feng Shui!

In real estate, sellers can combine FS principles for creating a staged home for fast sales!

website e-mail
United States 28. Certified Feng Shui Consultant since 1997 serving Long Island, New York City and ONLINE for those at a distance. For Homes, Businesses and Realtors. Caring and very Affordable. Please view my website for other services and more information.Carole Provenzale

website e-mail
Singapore 29. Ancient Wisdom, Art of Asia Oriental Classical Feng Shui Consultation and services for home and office.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 30. Priya is an accredited consultant with the Feng Shui Society UK and Chue Foundation. Feng Shui services for residential and commercial premises ranging from beauty spas to estate agents and restaurants. Runs courses in feng shui and face reading.

website e-mail
United States 31. Offers books, products, tips and information on how to improve the flow of chi in your home and corresponding areas of your life. We provide FREE feng shui advice in every issue of our newsletter.

website e-mail
Spain 32. Teri Garcia runs The Imperial School of Feng Shui, Spain which offers Feng Shui courses in English and Spanish on the Costa del Sol, Málaga, Spain.
From Foundation Courses for all levels to 2 year vocational Practitioner Training Courses in Chue style Feng Shui. A member of the Chue foundation.

website e-mail
Spain 33. Espacio Feng Shui ::: "Creando Espacios Equilibrados". Sitio web dedicado al Feng Shui. Stefania Sagnotti: Arquitecta y Especialista en Feng Shui. Conferencias gratuitas. Cursos y talleres.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 34. Feng Shui workshops, online courses and professional consultant training from the accredited Feng Shui School of Excellence. Study traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese astrology to get the best feng shui results for you and your future feng shui clients.

website e-mail
Turkey 35. Courses and sessions in Fengshui with Humeyra Tumay. Workshops held in Turkey and Europe upon request.

website e-mail
Singapore 36. Christy Hu. Space clearing, traditional 8 house and flying star calculation. Also incorporates vastu shastra or Indian fengshui for a more powerful and abundant effect. Facilitator is also a reiki Maste, does reiki attunements and conduct fengshui courses in Singapore

website e-mail
United Kingdom 37. Peter Auchinachie and Tanya Fox are accredited by the Feng Shui Society and practise in Scotland & northern England.They use traditional feng shui with an intuitive, practical and empowering approach, clarifying concepts & seeking affordable solutions with healthy environments for life & work.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 38. Barbara Burgess: House and space clearing. I will clear negative energies from your home or workspace.

website e-mail
Canada 39. Nanda Gruss is a Feng Shui Consultant, Feng Shui Artist and Space Clearing specialist that serves people to realign their homes and business onsite and distance in communication with the devic and angelic realms to nature`s harmony. Based in Montreal, Qc

website e-mail
China 40. Chen Wen Jun performs medical divination with Qi Men Dun Jia, an highly advanced form of Feng Shui. Special focus on home environment and health.

website e-mail
Germany 41. Daotion Classic Feng Shui Birgit Fischer
Consulting & Academy
Classical Feng Shui, BaZi, Peach Blossom Divination Business & Private
Instructor Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphyiscs, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am working all over Germany and Europe
Courses in Feng Shui & BaZi of the Mastery Academy

website e-mail
United Kingdom 42. Therapies on offer include:- Crystal Healing, Guided Self Healing, Energy Interference Patterning (EIP), Vibrational Essences (including flower remedies and gem elixirs), Environmental Healing, Geopathic Stress, Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Holistic Massage. Please refer to the website for more information on the therapies offered. Crystals for sale.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 43. Sarah McAllister FSSA (Feng Shui Society UK Accredited) has provided successful consultations to businesses and residents both in the UK and worldwide since 1999. She practices Chue Style Feng Shui to an advanced level and specialises in feng shui architecture and feng shui interior design.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 44. Expert in feng shui consulting over a decade. Huge portfolio incl ChinaWhite, Conrad Hotel, Nightclub Movida, many restaurants, Yoo HQ, Target HQ, CNN and many many homes all sizes,shapes and budgets! For authentic feng shui that works.

website e-mail
United States 45. Mark E. Keyes, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, Feng Shui Expert, Residential & Business/Corporate, Let only good Qi flow through your Home or Business, Reasonable Rates, Serving Providence & South County Rhode Island.

website e-mail
India 46. We provide Feng shui and Pyra vastu consultation for homes and offices. This consulation brings about a positive change in your career, finances, marriage, home environment. We also take classes for Feng shui Basic and Advance levels.

website e-mail
Singapore 47. Rick Yee Fengshui Consultancy is a well known Fengshui and Astrology firm which provides world class Fengshui and Astrology services.

We conducted numerous Seminars, Workshops and Presentations around the world to reveal the knowledge of Fengshui as well as Face Reading.

However, we also focus on the education of Fengshui and Astrology courses at our consultancy.

website e-mail
Canada 48. Sally uses her awareness of Shamanism, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Reiki and the patterns of nature to assist clients to work with the Feng Shui of their homes or offices. The core purpose of her work is to empower others to be who they really are and bring their gifts to the world.
Based in Chatham, Ontario.

website e-mail
United States 49. Provider of innovative Holistic eCourses on: Shamanism, Reiki, Herbalism, Nutrition, Angels, Goddesses, Feng Shui, Life Purpose, Soulmate, Journaling, Laugh therapy, Grief, Pet Loss and more.

website e-mail
Australia 50. At Chikii we have Livbella Feng Shui Aromatics, Livbella Harmony Products are designed with the knowledge and experience of Feng Shui and Aromatherapy. Organic olive and coconut wax candles,mist sprays and body range.All essential oils are pure and therapeutic.retail and wholesale.

website e-mail
Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis - cure needed!2
Neural Depolarization2
No Hands Massage6
Oral Medicine, Natural Dentistry + Stomatology2
Past life therapy64
Permaculture - Paraguay1
Personal Development Method LTA1
Pranic healing21
Process acupressure11
Prostate Cancer therapies2
Psychic healing46
Psycho neuro-immunology + Psycho neuro-endocrinology3
Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl64
Rosen Method Bodywork18
SCENAR, self-healing stimulation from Russia35
Scientific Research18
Siddha, medicine of South India6
Sound Healing54
Spiral Release Bodywork1
Spiritual healing144
Sweat lodge8
Tai Chi59
Thalasso therapy9
Theta Healing13
Tibetan Medicine2
Traditional Chinese Medical Divination1
Traditional Chinese Medicine69
Unani, Greek-Arabic medicine17
Vibrational Healing and DNA1
WWW for therapists: website, blog, seo, ppc1
Yoga Jnana1
Yoga Sahaja1
Yoga Samadhi + Sankalpa Shakti2
Yoga Sapta1
Yoga Satyananda3
Yoga Vedanta0

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