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Breast Cancer - Mark Sircus Ac., OMD1
Breast Cancer early detection method3
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Cancer - Heart disease - AIDS, Matthias Rath M.D.1
Cancer cure by Dr. Tullio Simoncini1
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Sweat lodge
  Probably the most recognised of all Native American ceremonies, although this tradition has existed in various forms in many ethnic cultures.
A sweat lodge is constructed with bent wooden poles covered with canvas or blankets. In the centre is a pit into which is placed hot rocks previously heated in a fire outside of the lodge.
Once sat inside the lodge the door opening is closed and the sweat takes place in darkness.
Sweats are conducted in different ways.
They may include the making of prayers or declarations, chanting, drumming, to create a ritual with spiritual or healing intent. Other lodges may be held in silence.
During the Sweat Bath toxins are removed from the body, negative ions are released into the air to counter fatigue and tenseness and the endocrine glands are stimulated by the rise in temperature.
Traditionally there are four sessions to each sweat with each lasting between twenty and thirty minutes.
In the heat and darkness of the lodge we can come closer to ourselves, our creator, and to understanding each other.

United States 1. Lauren and Jay Silverbird invite you to a Sweat Lodge in Montgomery. Texas. USA. Sweats are free.

website e-mail
Ireland 2. The Little House of Avalon, offers you the chance to experience the Sweat Lodge. Also offering courses in Alternative therapies. Treatments in Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Reiki, Thai Massage and more. Find this little piece of paradise in County Roscommon, Ireland

website e-mail
United States 3. You are invited to spend a weekend in the company of Red Hawk on sacred Mount Shasta. Held at Panther Meadow. Fort Jones. California. USA The three day Mount Shasta Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

United States 4. The History of the Sweat Lodge. How it works and how to build one of your own. Information on Native Americans. Located in USA.

website e-mail
United States 5. For women only, a one-day retreat, including the sacred sweat lodge ceremony and dreamwork. A day designed to help you reconnect to your natural feminine wisdom. Located in Northern Arizona, a two-hour drive from Phoenix or Sedona, just north of the tall pines of Prescott.

website e-mail
Canada 6. Healing therapy using North American Native Traditions and Sweat Lodge

website e-mail
South Africa 7. The African Sweat Hut Ceremony. Sweating as a physical and mental cleansing ceremony is an ancient practice. Most Westerners are familiar with the physical benefits of a sauna such as improved cardio functioning, purifying the body of toxins and keeping the skin healthy. Few understand that there are also psychological benefits. The American Indian sweat lodge, Finnish sauna, Russian bania, Jewish shvitz and Turkish hamman are international forms of sweat therapy. One would be hard pressed to find a culture or era in which group sweating was not a common practice.

Niyan has been running Sweat Lodges since 1994. These 12 years of experience have shaped a different kind of Sweat Lodge; one that Niyan feels serves the South African best. The Sweat Hut is held in a similar way that the Native American people hold their lodge and revered also as the symbolic womb of the Earth Mother. Niyan has adapted teachings from Native American, Brazilian, Mexican, African and Tibetan and Indian Teachers and teachings to shape the Ceremony as it exists today.

The greater underlying intention in these ceremonies is to acknowledge, feel and experience our spirit bodies. When groups of people come together and focus their intent, it becomes a potentially powerful and creative situation. By doing these ceremonies we gently weave a web of connections between those present and all of our Relations (all of creation). Participating in such a ritual is an intimate adventure into our spirit reality.

Different intentions and motivations can be given to each lodge centered on the basic ritual pattern of honoring the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The greater underlying intention in all such ceremonies is to acknowledge, feel and experience our spirit bodies. When groups of people come together and focus their intent, it becomes a potentially powerful and creative situation. By doing these ceremonies we gently weave a web of connections between those present and all of our Relations (all of creation). Participating in such a ritual is an intimate adventure into our spirit reality.

In this Sweat Hut we come together to acknowledge the four elements. They are alive; they exist within us and within the Earth. We come together to experience oneness, with the elements and with the Earth. The Sweat Hut represents the womb of the Earth Mother. When we are inside, we are back in the womb where we can experience rebirth and death of those parts of our ego that no longer serves our growth. We sweat for four quarters, each of which represents one of the four elements. Marimba House, Maluti Mountain Foothills, South Africa

website e-mail
United States 8. Join Keone, for a lakota Traditional Sweat Lodge in Westchester County New York.

website e-mail
Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis - cure needed!2
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Past life therapy64
Permaculture - Paraguay1
Personal Development Method LTA1
Pranic healing21
Process acupressure11
Prostate Cancer therapies2
Psychic healing46
Psycho neuro-immunology + Psycho neuro-endocrinology3
Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl64
Rosen Method Bodywork18
SCENAR, self-healing stimulation from Russia35
Scientific Research18
Siddha, medicine of South India6
Sound Healing54
Spiral Release Bodywork1
Spiritual healing144
Sweat lodge8
Tai Chi59
Thalasso therapy9
Theta Healing13
Tibetan Medicine2
Traditional Chinese Medical Divination1
Traditional Chinese Medicine69
Unani, Greek-Arabic medicine17
Vibrational Healing and DNA1
WWW for therapists: website, blog, seo, ppc1
Yoga Jnana1
Yoga Sahaja1
Yoga Samadhi + Sankalpa Shakti2
Yoga Sapta1
Yoga Satyananda3
Yoga Vedanta0

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