Accessing the 5th dimension with Elizabeth Joyce1
Alexander technique27
Animal Communication28
Art therapy20
Aura therapy30
Bach flower35
Bowen therapy66
Breast Cancer - Mark Sircus Ac., OMD1
Breast Cancer early detection method3
Buteyko Breathing Therapy (BBT)48
Cancer - Heart disease - AIDS, Matthias Rath M.D.1
Cancer cure by Dr. Tullio Simoncini1
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High Intensity Focus Ultrasound HIFU4
Indian head massage75
Jaffe-Mellor technique (JMT)2
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Jin shin jyutsu56
Journey therapy53
Kampo - Japan's traditional herbal medicine0
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Animal Communication
  Animal Communication is the exchange of intuitive or
telepathic information between people and animals.

An animal communicator can ´pick up´ pictures, emotions, physical sensations and also words from any species of animal.

Using these different senses the animal communicator can have a dialogue which can be
extremely helpful and enlightening.
Clients often descibe this exchange as a magical or life changing experience.

Areas covered:
* Resolving upsets and problems
* Negative behaviour disappears
* Illness and unjuries heal speedily
* Tracking missing animals
* Contacting animals who have crossed over into spirit
* A greater knowing and understanding of each other

Introduction by Pea Horsley

United Kingdom 1. International Animal Communicator, Pea Horsley, helps you understand what your pet thinks, feels, desires and dislikes. Helping resolve behavioural, emotional & physical concerns, tracking missing animals and contacting those in spirit.
I teach Animal Communication workshops.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 2. As a practicing Medium and Intuitive, I offer in-person and distance Animal Communication Readings.
I also offer in-person and distance Animal Guide Readings.
Catherine Robson lives in Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland, UK.

website e-mail
United States 3. Animal Communicator and Healer.
I am able to tell you what is wrong with your animal and how it feels about everything in its life. I am able to heal the animal and tell you what it needs to be a healther animal.
All sessions are conducted over the phone.

United Kingdom 4. My name is Josie and I run Healing From The Earth through which I provide Holistic Health care for Animals and People. I offer Healing, Flower Essence Therapy, Crystal Healing Animal healing, Pet Psychology, Meditation Training, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy, Regression and Counselling.

United States 5. Animal communicator also offering reiki and equine and canine massage. Available at my farm or your home/barn. Communication can be done in person, by phone, or email. Group classes and private instruction available.

website e-mail
United States 6. Do You Want to Learn:
Effective ways to deal with your animal’s behavior?
How your animal wants to be treated?
Why your animal acts certain ways?
What your animal thinks?
You can, through Leslee Klinsky and the wisdom of the Akashic Records.

website e-mail
Ireland 7. Thomas Janak - I am a holistic animal healer, pet psychologist, wolf expert, canine massage therapist and reiki master and specialise in animal communication on a spiritual level. I hold talks and workshops and work with clients and their animals. I am planning to bring my courses to the world to help everywhere!

website e-mail
South Africa 8. Karen von Ahlfeldt - Send a clear photograph of your pet(s) by e-mail to Karen, she is able to communicate with your pet and speak on yours, and your pet´s behalf. A body scan for any physical discomfort is reported. Healing energy is transmitted when necessary. Karen is a qualified Universal Energy Healer with THASA. Bellair, South Africa

website e-mail
South Africa 9. Welcome to a world where we can all talk with the animals! Since 2001 Wynter Worsthorne has helped people and their animal friends understand each other. She offers private consultations as well as teaches workshops in South Africa and the UK, working with both wild and domestic animals.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 10. Barbara Burgess - Animal Communicator, Animal Healer, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium. Transformational Therapist. Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

website e-mail
United States 11. Animal Communicator, Danielle Tremblay of NY, offers phone consultations with animals and their owners to discuss the desires, preferences, behaviors, relationships, joys, fears, life purpose, etc. with living and past animals. All species welcome.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 12. My name is Debi Gilmore. As a qualified Reiki Master based in Cheshire, specialising in Reiki healing techniques and Reiki for animals, I provide Reiki healing, animal healing and crystal therapy via a mobile service throughout Cheshire.

I have been blessed with psychic gifts since I was a child and trained professionally as a Spiritual Healer to share my healing gift with others, including healing for animals. As a qualified Reiki Master professionally trained in Usui tradition of Reiki healing levels one, two and three, I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

website e-mail
United States 13. Lori Wright: I offer consultations in Animal Communication to help bridge the bond of understanding and strengthen the bond of love between human and animal friend. Consultations such as behavioral problems, pet loss and grief support are conducted with empathy and respect for you and your fur friend. Based in Cobb, California

website e-mail
United States 14. Companion Animal Touch Therapies, CATT, offers massage, bodywork and other holistic modalities for animals; small animal massage instruction for caretakers and practitioners; and other services provided by W. Bruce Bregenzer, along with links to holistic products and practitioners and animal rights and welfare organizations. Located in IL.

website e-mail
United States 15. Animal communicator with 20 years experience who also does readings for their people! What does your animal companion need/want? Why is he behaving that way? How can I change it? How does she feel about me, another animal, a trainer? Expect miracles. Based in California but can travel or by phone.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 16. Holly Davis
Animal Communicator ~ Animal and Human Therapist
Magazine Columnist~Author~Public Speaker
Working with animals and people worldwide with a variety of different therapeutic techniques.
Specializing in physical, behavioural, psychosomatic and relationship problems.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 17. Amazing downloadable e-course in animal communication by experienced intuitives. Take the guesswork out of looking after your animal companion. Learn simple and easy methods of relating to him or her which will take your relationship to the next level!! Available from our Digital Learning Centre.

website e-mail
United States 18. Jeannie Lindheim, Animal communicator.
Compassionate practical consultations and problem solving with all species. Behavior, emotional, physical, death/dying and beyond. Reiki. Phone or in person. Based in Brookline, Massachusetts.

website e-mail
Australia 19. Spiritual New Age Guide is a directory of spiritual modalities and information including Animal Intuitives & Pet Psychics.

website e-mail
United States 20. Phoenix based Animal Communicator, Debbie Johnstone uses her natural empathic abilities, compassion, a sense of humor and a down to earth communication style to bring animals and their people closer together. She communicates telepathically with all species of animals, both living and in spirit.

website e-mail
Australia 21. Wild Insights offers animal communication and healing services to pet lovers worldwide.
Sarah Messina is an Animal Communicator with a background in professional counselling and healing. She uses a range of techniques to work with animals and facilitate healing including traditional Japanese reiki, cognitive therapy, energetic healing, conflict resolution, shamanic practices and client-centred telepathic communication.

website e-mail
Australia 22. Horse Whispers - Animal Communication is a gentle, safe and non-violent way of communicating with all animals. It helps pet owners and their animals to understand each other as well as resolving behaviour problems. Also available: Reiki, aromatherapy and flower essences for horses and pets worldwide, located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

website e-mail
Canada 23. Susan Pipes: Animal spirit communication is not only possible but it is fun, helpful and always interesting to hear what the animals have to say. Their messages can be deeply touching, inspiring and are always from their point of view. Reiki, chinese medicine,inspiring messages. Have you ever wondered?

website e-mail
United States 24. Barbara Martin Animal Communicator. Featured on KRON-4 News, Diablo Magazine, Danville Weekly and multiple radio shows. Barbara deals with all animals from ´hamsters to horses". She is well known for her work with animals who are ill, or have crossed over.

website e-mail
United States 25. Denise Bennett: I am a healing intuitive and animal communicator. I offer angel-guided readings. I simply ask your question and the information comes through me. I do these readings for people as well. They are insightful and comforting. I am able to work remotely, for anyone, anywhere.

website e-mail
United States 26. Nancy Windheart: I provide telepathic animal communication consultations, classes and workshops on animal communication by phone, Skype, or in person, and Reiki energy healing sessions for people and animals. I also mentor animal communication students and write articles on animal communication and Reiki.

website e-mail
Hong Kong 27. My name is Alex Chan and I am a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher, animal communicator and spiritual worker living in Hong Kong.

website e-mail
United States 28. Holistic Healing for your Pets. Intuitive Certified Energy Health Practitioner for all Pets. Reiki, Meridian Tapping, Brain Spotting
Behavior Consultant for all pet behavior issues. Remote sessions are commonly given. Specializing in fear and anxiety related issues.
Judith Levy is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

website e-mail
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No Hands Massage6
Oral Medicine, Natural Dentistry + Stomatology2
Past life therapy64
Permaculture - Paraguay1
Personal Development Method LTA1
Pranic healing21
Process acupressure11
Prostate Cancer therapies2
Psychic healing46
Psycho neuro-immunology + Psycho neuro-endocrinology3
Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl64
Rosen Method Bodywork18
SCENAR, self-healing stimulation from Russia35
Scientific Research18
Siddha, medicine of South India6
Sound Healing54
Spiral Release Bodywork1
Spiritual healing144
Sweat lodge8
Tai Chi59
Thalasso therapy9
Theta Healing13
Tibetan Medicine2
Traditional Chinese Medical Divination1
Traditional Chinese Medicine69
Unani, Greek-Arabic medicine17
Vibrational Healing and DNA1
WWW for therapists: website, blog, seo, ppc1
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Yoga Sahaja1
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Yoga Sapta1
Yoga Satyananda3
Yoga Vedanta0

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