Politrics rivals chess

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Wilfrid Hartnagel 

                 Llanidloes Powys Wales UK  email: wihaceha@yahoo.com

Politrics rivals Chess
I’ve been playing chess since childhood. In the 1990s I developed Politrics
and played it around the world in many countries that I lived in.
After thousands of games played I can say that there are no flaws, no bugs.
Now that I am 63 years young I can devote all my time and energy to making Politrics a worldwide success.
The first Politrics World Championship has a purse of 1,280,000.00 Euros plus sponsorship added, select Politrics World Championship from menu.
It takes minutes only to understand how Politrics works.
Depending on where the first figure is placed there can be more than 23000
opening moves, hence it is most unlikely that a game will ever be played twice.
Players develop their own tactics to win boards and strategies to win the game. You play the board to win the game – Politrics is a board game.
There are 3 ways to win a board:
1. by creating a line of 5 figures that cannot be beaten.
2. by beating your opponent’s President.
3. by reducing the amount of your opponent’s figures. When you don’t have enough figures left to create a line of five you have lost.
The maximum score of a board is 100 points. You need 100 points to win the game. You may win the game by winning several boards or one only.
There is no draw.
select Download from menu – print and play.



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