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Quacadometis mystery

What is Quacadometis? A:…..a new incurable disease created in a big pharma lab? B:….religion of sustainable living and human survival? C:…(w)holistic seo-technique? D:..mating ritual of prehistoric man preceding the invention of sex? E:.cure for all and everything incurable? Multiple answers … Continue reading

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Mummy Flu outbreak threatens human survival

The Mummy Flu is another designer-flu to follow up on Bird and Swine. Mummy Flu originated in Cairo today, or will emerge in the very near future. A mummy violated during riots is believed to be the source. An ancient … Continue reading

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Egypt, US, Torture, Medicine + Health

By now most people will be aware of the fact that the Mubarak regime is a puppet regime and the US are the puppet masters, the over-lords. Known internationally as one of the most oppressive regimes and hailed by the … Continue reading

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