Japan, Radiation and your health

News Flash 15.3.11 Japan, Radiation and your health

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I quote Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling:

“The rays of high-energy radiation are like little bullets that shoot through the body. They tear electrons away from molecules and through subsequent reactions of the molecular ions that are formed, the molecules may be broken in two, some atoms may be torn away from them, some new molecules may be formed.

The dose of 500 roentgens that usually leads to death by acute radiation illness causes about 500,000 changed molecules to be formed in each cell. If any of the special molecules [that control the process by which the cell divides] happen to be damaged by a single little bullet of radiation from a single radioactive atom, it may be changed in such a way as to cause the cell to divide much more rapidly than the other cells. This cell may then produce a colony of rapidly dividing cells, which in the course of time would outnumber the normal cells of that type. Then the human being may die from cancer—perhaps leukemia, bone cancer, some other kind of cancer—caused by the single radioactive atom that produced the single little bullet of radiation.”

There is no such thing as a safe level of radiation, and you don´t need any particular receptors or genes and it doesn´t have to run in your family either.

Read about what level causes what and a breakdown of radiation threat by country from Russia to USA here

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Russia: has 32 reactors. Half of these are of the first generation. 11 are RBMK models as in Chernobyl. The reactors of Balakowo and Rostow are in an earthquake zone. Vladimir Kusnezow of the Academy of Sciences states that modern Russia has no staff to inspect nuclear reactors. There quite simply are no safety inspections. Kusnezow considers 4 reactors to be in a critical condition.

Italy: the only country to have shut down all reactors after Chernobyl.

Germany: has 17 reactors and chancelor Merkel reassures the population that these are the “safest in the world”. Their safety record consisting of numerous accidents is well documented.

As I write this the reactor Isar1 in Bavaria is in the process of being shut down. Reactor A in Biblis in Hessen is scheduled to be shut down on Friday. The newer reactor B will continue. The reactors at Brunsbüttel and Krümmel in Northern Germany have been switched off due to accidents already. Most unlikely they´ll ever be switched on again.

Neckarwestheim1 and Phillipsburg1 in Baden-Württemberg will be switched off immediately was anounced minutes ago. Elections are looming and politicians are trying to save their butts. There are a few hundred thousand people in the streets of 450 cities after all demanding the return of politics to “No nuclear power”.

Merkel announced that all 7 reactors built before 1980 will be shut down “temporarily”.
A further 19 reactors had been shut down already prior to Japan.

France: produces 75% of its electricity with nuclear power. No protests and no further comment.

UK: nuclear power stations are renamed after accident revelations that can no longer be covered up – Windscale = Sellafield. The Irish sea continues to produce fish with two heads and crabs with ten legs and other mutations due to radioactive cooling water being pumped out into the sea. Radiation remains as safe as in mammograms und the pubs will open in time.

Radiation is meassured in in Millisievert (mSv).

1.0 mSv per year is considered by school medicine to be safe and cause no harm.

1.2 mSV is the dosis of an x-ray of your spine.

2.1 mSv is the average dose per year in Germany according to the government office
Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (office for radiation protection)

2.4 mSv is the average according to UN report.

10 mSv for a whole body computer tomography approx.

100 mSv causes cancer for sure according to school medicine teachings.

250 mSv over a short period cause radiation sickness

4000 mSv cause death within a short period.

6000 mSv caused the death of 47 workers at Chernobyl

400 mSv per hour and not per year are currently being measured in the vicinity of Fukushima, the definition of “vicinity” is not clearly defined.

80 mSv have been measured some 100km north of Tokyo.

Helicopters were supposed to pour water on reactors. These had to be withdrawn due to high radiation levels. Some 50 Samurais have volunteered to pour water with buckets.
In a short time 50 new volunteers will be needed.

This is the hight of technology!

There can be no doubt that parts of Japan will become uninhabitable. The concept of living in a permaculture far away from earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear reactors becomes more attractive by the hour.

and now to USA:
a major earthquake in California is not a question of “if” but “when”.
Naturally all reactors will withstand the impact as US technology is far superior to Japanese technology, and the ones on the coast are tsunami-proof.
The only worry may be that buckets needed to pour water will have to be imported from China.

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