Suicide bombers do not fear radiation!

News Flash 22/23.3.11 Suicide bombers do not fear radiation!

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You breathe about 12 cubic meters of air a day ….., to cut short a long calculation, it takes about one kilogram of plutonium to kill ten billion people.

As the earth has seven billion only what do we do with the remaining 300 grams?
Add them to the heap of tons of plutonium existing today, I guess.

I don`t have to worry about having miscalculated by a few kilos, there is enough for everyone and should enough get into the air, food and water, there will be nobody left to argue the exact quantity needed.

Fukushima on its own can do the trick. We have heard that spent fuel rods are in a pool.
The expression pool insinuates a hole in the ground. This is not the case, the pool is on an upper level of the reactor housing outside the primary reactor containment structure.
The pool is close to the roof that has been blown off in no.2 and 3 and as I write this white smoke is coming from there again. Officials state that the cause is unknown.

While our attention is on Japan we seem to ignore the world´s greatest danger spot, Hanford in the the Northwest of the USA:

Hanford is a plutonium factory for the US military, the highest contaminated and actively radiating area in the Western Hemisphere. Since 1943 nine reactors were built. The infamous B reactor provided the material for the first nuclear explosion in New Mexico on 16.July 1945 and Nagasaki on 9.August 1945.

The cooling water is drawn from the Columbia river and fed back into there. This was discovered in 1971 and officials took measures to reassure the public that this is safe.

Hanford was decommissioned in 1988 and one reactor remains working only. Some 210 minor earthquakes occurred in 2010 not exceeding 3.0 on the Richter scale. On an exclusion zone area of some 1500 square kilometers, less than half the size of Chernobyl, one estimates the following deposits:

200.000 cubic meters of highly radioactive waste, about two thirds of the entire US waste.

216.000.000 (216 million) liters of radioactive mud leaking from corroded containers.

100.000 burned out fuel rods in leaking water pools. (so don`t worry about the few in Fukushima that are hardly enough to kill the entire world`s population three times over).

There are a few local activist groups with moderate demands behaving modestly and picking up some awards for their behavior in the process.

Politicians are proud of their achievements. The US government spends $2bn a year on keeping the “place safe” and have increased the budget to $2.9bn for 2013. By 2008, that`s 20 years after decommissioning started, four of the nine reactors were encapsulated in a Chernobyl style coffin. The remaining five will be embedded in a more modern style structure by the year 2020.

The US government plans get even more ambitious when it comes to dealing with leaking waste in the open air. The tanks are scheduled to be dealt with by 2047 and by 2052 the US will be the proud achiever of the largest nuclear clean up operation on planet earth.

I won`t be around then but I sincerely hope my children and grand children will see that day and won`t put a foot on the Northern Hemisphere until then.

In the early eighties Daniel Ford published “The cult of the Atom: The secret papers of the Atomic Energy Commission”. He used the Freedom of Information Act to access secret papers of the AEC which is now the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Conclusions then indicated that two thirds of the USA as well as adjoining Canada and Northern Mexico need to be evacuated, otherwise 20% of the population will die from cancer within the next quarter century. There are few pockets left fit for human inhabitation, but people did not walk, they stayed and died from cancer. As it turns out the estimates then were far too low, some 33% got cancer in that time and this will rise to 50% in the near future.

You hear the spin “radiation levels are no more than from a few mammographies”.
This may be partially true after all, so think what a few mammographies or X-rays will do to you. It is just a matter of how you interpret this cynical spin.

You will not be surprised to learn that all nuclear powers have their “Hanfords”. I shall introduce these and establish the correlation between all nuclear facilities and suicide bombers.

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The disinformation campaign intensifies and the media throws “scientific expressions” at the public in order to cause confusion. Authorities with more than dubious interests want to make people believe the spin “no threat to public health”.

I have stuck to Millisievert (mSv) below because it is the most significant. Some 60 years ago people were exposed to 0.2 mSV from natural background radiation. This has increased due to Medical Radiation primarily and is now 2.1 mSv in Germany and 2.4 mSv average reported by UN (WHO).

Spin keeps adding Medical radiation to Natural and revises the figure upwards as “Natural”.
This can be learned from radiology journals but hardly ever from mainstream media.

Off the top of my head a quick Radiation Glossary:

Alpha – Beta – Gamma rays:
Alpha and Beta rays consist of particles.
Alpha have a helium centre made of two protons and two neutrons.
Beta, a neutron and a proton change into an electron.
Gamma are electromagnetic waves like x-rays, but their wavelength is much smaller and hence radiation is much more intense.

Becquerel (Bq) measures activity, the volume taken from a sample within a given time.
A Bq indicates the average amount of atoms that disintegrate within a second. The faster this disintegration the higher the radiation.

Gray (Gy) is the equivalent of one Joule per Kilogram. It indicates absorption of energy of a particular mass. Milk will absorb a different rate to water to human bodies, to parts of human bodies.

Sievert (Sv) measures the biological effects of all radiation on the human body. Instead of using Gy, the energy dose, one uses Sv, the equivalence dose. Sv takes into consideration all the different types of radiation and relates the effect to the human body. This is done by a “weight factor”, for example Alpha rays have far more molecules than Beta rays and hence cause far more damage.
1 Sv are 1.000 Millisievert (mSv), and one mSv are 1.000 Microsievert (…sorry, can´t find micro on my keyboard)
Radiation load is Sv or mSv x time. So you state by year or month, or hour or minute.

Radiation load of soil or food is measured in Bq + square meters or weight/mass.
There is a dose conversion method depending on how you absorb, inhalation, eating, bathing in it, etc.  For example eating 80.000 Bq of cesium 137 in your food amounts to 1 mSv.

When you evaluate the confusing figures of Japanese authorities you have to conclude that Japanese toddlers are radiation proof and adults are dispensable.

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Some 30 years ago I was involved in the production of inspection cameras for nuclear power plants. I am also familiar with the application of thermography.

Inspections cameras spent all their lives inside the tubes, they can see the finest hair cuts.

Thermography shows you an exact picture of where the heat comes from. A meltdown shows the location of how far it has penetrated the hull containing the reactor and fuel rods.

This inspection equipment was sent from Germany and inspections have been carried out. Thermography is done from a distance and accuracy is to a fraction of a degree Celsius.

It would be easy to publish these pictures in order to prove that a meltdown has not occurred.

Why have these pictures not been published?
Why do we get the “don´t know” spin?
How much credibility does any official information have?

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Japan has gone off the media radar today. A few press conferences reveal little new information:

An unspecified number of workers is in intensive care to which two have been added who stepped in radiated water.

Tepco, the plant owner and operator still considers 150mSv per worker-shift as safe and the government has not revised its level of 250mSv per year for nuclear plant workers, yet.
Please see my table further down for the meaning of these values.

Regards the stated 82.000 Bq for a vegetable officials could still not answer to what sample quantity this figure relates. They stated it to be 164 times the recommended level without indicating that level.

Europe announces that the cloud arriving from Japan today is no health hazard as it has thinned out already crossing the Pacific, Northern America, the Atlantic, so all is well.

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