Japan: Chief Scientist resigns over 20 mSv for Children.

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Toshiso Kosako is a professor for nuclear sciences at the university of Tokyo.
In the wake of the Fukushima disaster Kosako was appointed as atomic adviser by the government of president Naoto Kan.

Today Professor Kosako resigned from this position in protest against the government’s regulation that permits a radioactive load of 20 mSv/year for children in schools and kindergartens.(please read “how safe is safe in Japan” below)

This regulation was hardly reported by the media. Those who mentioned it on page 57 failed to point out the significance, the impact on health of children and the population at large.

Now all of Japan’s attention is drawn to this issue. Kosako was in tears when he explained his resignation which was shown on several tv stations.

Kosako left no doubt about his reasons and stated clearly that a 20 mSv load will lead to millions developing various forms of radiation diseases and cancers. He cannot and will not carry such a decision made against his advice.

Speaking at a Lower House committee meeting on Saturday, Kan said Professor Kosako resigned because of disagreements with other scientists.

Kan said the government responded to the nuclear accident based on advice from the Nuclear Safety Commission and has never taken ad hoc measures.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters that the ministry’s decision seeks to reduce exposure to radiation and that it does not mean the government will allow the limit of 20 millisieverts per year for children.

From these statements you may conclude:
1. The Nuclear Safety Commission takes no notice of the advice of Kosako.
2. The Nuclear Safety Commission is a tool of the government. Their advice is not based on sound science but serves the needs of the government.
3. Edano’s statement is an insult. You either do have a law that permits 20 mSv or you do not.

Japan has a population of 126 million of which about 23% are above the age of 65.

Loosing a few million will hardly get noticed. They do not die en bloc now and here but over a period of ten or twenty years. The diseases they die from will not be associated with radiation but diagonsed as heart disease, kidney failure, liver failure, cancer, etc.
Chernobyl is living proof of how death rates get manipulated, 4.000 stated by IAEA and 985.000 documented by Nesterenko et al.

In time the population age ratio will change, perhaps the above 65 year olds will drop to 20%. Who will take notice? Who takes notice of the equivalent figure dropping to 13% in the USA, arguably the most radioactively contaminated part of the world? (see below:
“Sunday night marks the end of nuclear power in Europe” and “Suicide bombers do not fear radiation”)

The current status of “Japan action plan” looks like this:

We plan to produce a high spec geiger counter/dosimeter in Japan under license from a European manufacturer. We have disregarded cheaper US models as these measure in Roentgen only and not Microsievert and their tubes get saturated rendering them worthless quickly when in daily use.

Some share of the production will be sold via distributors and to end users directly. Revenue generated serves to build a network of volunteers who will monitor Japan.
The emphasis is on Japan for now, but the need to monitor other parts of the world exists just the same. There are leaking nuclear plants dotted all over the globe.

Our offer to you:
Get in touch with me via email wihaceha@yahoo.com if you are interested in distributing our geiger counters or want to buy a unit for your own use.

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