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I contend:

1. The USA and Canada are contaminated with radiation and exact data is available.

2. The administrations of these countries have instructed the data-holding agencies to withhold this information from the public.

3. This data also shows the contamination caused by local nuclear facilities and not from Fukushima in Japan only, a contributing factor for the instruction to withhold this data.

I provide the evidence:

1.The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Organization, CTBTO, based in Vienna, maintains 63 highly sophisticated radiation monitoring stations around the globe and 16 laboratories, these are able to identify the source of any radioactive contamination. This data is made available to designated agencies of member countries in raw form as well as interpreted form.

2. Over 2000 nuclear tests were carried out between 1945 and 1996 by the United States (1000+), the Soviet Union (700+), France (200+), the United Kingdom and China (45 each).
It is scientifically possible to measure contamination caused by any of these and distinguish them from radioactivity caused by other sources. Each and every source has a kind of genetic footprint.

3. The CTBTO was founded in 1996, it is “Preparatory” as it lacks the ratification of key countries that have signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. These are China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Israel and USA, commonly referred to as the “Dirty Six”.


[U.S. Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Ellen Tauscher’s prepared remarks given at the Arms Control Association Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, on 10 May 2011.]

Excerpt: When it comes to the CTBT, the United States is in a curious position. We abide by the core prohibition of the Treaty because we don’t need to test nuclear weapons. And we have contributed to the development of the International Monitoring System. But the principal benefit of ratifying the Treaty, constraining other states from testing, still eludes us. That doesn’t make any sense to me and it shouldn’t make any sense to the Members of the Senate.


The countries having violated the CTBT are India and Pakistan in 1998 and North Korea in 2006 and 2009.

4. Shortly after the explosions at the reactors of Fukushima the administrations of USA and Canada instructed their CTBTO-data-receiving agencies to keep all raw data secret and re-interpret interpreted data to make it suitable for public consumption.

The UK and France reacted in similar fashion while Germany put its foot in it by stating “…has rained down over Pacific > US > Altantic already and remainder is no health risk..”

I quoted this in an earlier post, then I started to dig deeper. While the media critisized Japan for lack of information the blackout from the sources that could reveil exact data from US and Canada was complete. The media failed to point out the mechanism of how data is obtained and disseminated and how this process is blocked by political forces.

4a. This process involves a lot of people, so a whistleblower is no surprise. The French NGO criirad.org launched a petition on 26.3.11 demanding the lifting of all blocks on data.

This petition has now 50.000 French signatures and 200 in English. You may sign the petition in various languages, it is to be presented to the governments in question.

4b. I have included position 3a in this article for the following reason:

The USA would have ratified long time ago if a clause would have been accepted that excludes them from making public US-based data about:

– continuous contamination caused by nuclear power plants

– continuous contamination caused by storage facilites like Hanford

– continuous contamination caused by the production, transport and testing of Depleted Uranium munitions (firing these violates the treaty, arguably)

– continuous contamination caused by the production, transport and placement of nuclear weapons.

4c. The only exclusion clause agreed by all members concerns radiation emitted by medical instruments. India alone has some 300 cobalt bombers, (radiotherapy units), for example a CT scan emits 7 mSv. All those emissions contribute to our “natural background radiation”.

Unless medical radiation data is recorded we can only guess how much the medical industry contributes to our “natural background radiation” which stands at 2.4 mSv per person per year for the average earth dweller according to WHO figures, up from 0.2 mSv some time in the fifties. There are national differences, Germany claims 2.1 mSv.

These 2.4 mSv are composed of:

Space      0.39

Ingestion  0.29

Earth       0.48

Air           1.26

Total        2.42

4d. We can conclude that without man-made radiation our natural background radiation would still be 0.2 mSv. Data showing the increase over the years has been eradicated.

Alternatively the argument claiming that this is due to administrative technical reasons may be acceptable, in that case there is a remedy.

On the other hand you may argue that it is the task of politicians with a vested interested in the nuclear and medical industry to sell us any radiation level as natural and safe.

I am inclined to follow this argument. Nuclear energy is safe and nuclear medicine wears a holy shine, anybody arguing against this is ridiculed. People are enticed to subject themselves to radiation treatments supported by “scientists” and “benevolent governments”. “Only a little bit more than natural radiation or even less……”,  “Benefits outweigh disadvantages……”.

These facts speak for themselves. Marketing gurus are doing a brillant job. There should be a Nobel Prize that could be shared with the chemotherapy industry.

5. Should the petition by criirad.org bear fruit and the US ratify the treaty we would have a new situation generating widespread awareness of conditions in US and elsewhere.

Unfortunately it is safe to predict this won’t happen. So we are stuck with a limited amount of people prepared to bring about change, real change.

The radiation detection network should not be limited to Japan. It should be expanded to North America and Europe. It should involve a large amount of people, hence it must be very simple for people to take part. I envisage it to work like this:

a. You carry a very small geiger counter in your shirt pocket wherever you go. The size of the geiger counter can be reduced to somewhere between a credit card and a mobile phone.

b. The geiger counter detects radiation down to below 1 Microsievert/hour. You need to have it switched on only, no further activity or knowledge about the use of dosimeters is required. When it gives an acoustic signal you read the measurement of the display, then file your reading with date and location on the website to be created for this purpose.

Everybody has access to all readings, environmental institutions and the public at large.

You’ll be amazed what happens walking down the corridors of hospitals approaching the department of radiotherapy.

c. I am in negotiations with geiger counter manufacturers in Europe and my partner in Japan tries to obtain a grant for manufacturing under licence as Japan produces no geiger counters and imports them from Europe. The outcome determines the capital needs to get started.

Alternatively we’ll produce in cooperation with an established manufacturer in Europe.

Due to the low value of the US$ and its anticipated further decline we also consider design and manufacturing in USA. Interested companies may contact me via wihaceha@yahoo.com.

Geiger counters are sold out in Europe, all manufacturers have order backlogs. It will take some time for capacity to be available.

We have a target price of 250.00 Euros/unit. This can be met according to offers for design and manufacturing, provided we sell direct and through one distributor level in various countries only. The industry standard of distribution of importer, wholesaler, retailer would cause a drastic price increase.

Now I would like you to take action:

A. Pledge to buy a geiger counter at the above price when it becomes available. You order now and pay only when we are ready to ship. You may cancel your order at any time.

B. Pledge to participate in the detection network. This applies to all countries.

C. If you want to become our exclusive distributor for a country or region and have the capital to underwrite production you are welcome to discuss details.

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