Japan: all nuclear reactors down

Japan has 54 nuclear reactors, all of them will be shut down shortly or have been shut down already. This is bad news for the nuclear industry and their top salesmen, the presidents of France and the US.

Did you read this anywhere in the US or Europe? Obviously mainstream media has been instructed not to report this. Fukushima meltdowns and the steadily increasing disaster have been taken off the radar completely. Germany’s withdrawl from nuclear power was still reported, but Italy’s referendum against the reintroduction of nuclear power was not.

NHK in Japan reported the official news:

No prospect to resume operation of 11 reactors

No prospect has emerged for the resumption of operations of suspended nuclear reactors in Japan even after their regular checks come to an end.

There are 54 reactors in Japan. 35 have suspended operations due to aftereffects of the March 11th earthquake, regular check-ups or government requests.

Eleven of the 35 reactors will complete their regular safety checks by the end of August, but they have not yet obtained consent from the local communities for resuming operation.

Seventeen reactors are now operating, but 5 of them are scheduled to be suspended by August to undergo mandatory regular checks — once every 13 months — under a domestic law.

All of the remaining 12 are also to be suspended by early next year for the same reason.

Two other reactors, at the Tomari power station in Hokkaido and at the Ooi plant in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, resumed generating electricity in March after check-ups, but only on an experimental basis.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 21:54 +0900 (JST)

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