Euro notes with mint sauce Part 3

On December 29th 2011 Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, made the following statement:

“It’s difficult to explain, at this point, what is happening to some of us in Latin America. It’s strange that [Paraguayan president Fernando] Lugo, [Brazilian president] Dilma [Rousseff], and then myself, and a few days later [ex Brazilian president Luiz Inacio] Lula [Da Silva] and now Cristina [Fernandez-Kirchner, President of Argentina] have contracted cancer”.

“Would it be strange if the U.S had developed the technology to induce cancer? I don’t know, I leave it to be reflected on,” he added.

“I don’t want to make any reckless accusations, but just a while ago I heard president Alvaro Colom [of Guatemala] telling the United States that it should accept its responsibility and seek forgiveness from the Guatemalan people, because it was shown, fifty years later, that they ran a biological and chemical operation, venereal diseases included, in the country, for scientific tests,” Chavez added.

Does Chavez have a point?

Is it possible now or will it be possible in the near future to induce cancer selectively?

In Part7 of “Dollar notes without ketchup” I wrote on 17th Nov 2011:

” 2. Economic system:

Various industries compete for the money of the consumer.
a. the Financial industry with its subsidiaries Media, Nuclear, Narcotics, Energy including Global Warming and Weapons.
b. Health industry
c. Food industry
d. Raw materials
e. construction, textiles, transport and a multitude of essential goods
f. gadgets and widgets

All these industries have their limitations, you can only eat so many portions of lentils, wear so many clothes, drive so many cars, but there is no limit to how ill you can get, how many diseases you can develop and how much capital the consumer needs to treat these.

Hence the Health industry provides the key to capitalistic success, “Capitalistic Medicine” will replace all other forms of medicine as a result, a fundamental necessity. I shall elaborate on this issue in later parts. I shall detail how the control over food production decides who is to live and for how long, at what level of health and for what purpose.”

The creation of diseases takes up several chapters in my book “2012/20 Capitalism Endgame” which you can order by sending me an email to Details are in “Dollar notes without ketchup Part 9” and “Euro notes with mint sauce Part 1”.

So for now let’s concentrate on Chavez and cancer. Otto Warburg, head of Max Planck Institute in Germany, discovered the causes of cancer and received the Nobel in 1931.

He explained the slowly developing cancers that account for 80% of all cancers.

In 1982 Dr R G Hamer, head of internal medicine at the university of Tuebingen, Germany, explained the spontaneous cancers which account for the remaining 20%. None of the over three thousand cases he documented could be refuted. He did not get the Nobel but was persecuted instead. (I was in Tuebingen at the time)

All the South American presidents have the spontaneous type.

Let’s assume for the moment that you can manipulate DNA in way so that a cell forgets that it lives on oxygen and changes its metabolism to glucose. This by definition makes it a cancerous cell, it devides quickly shouting “help, I need oxygen”. Modern oncology has concluded that such a distressed cell needs to be killed.

Chemo will do the killing. This method has been perfected during its development in Auschwitz. Radio will do the killing. Radioactivity will kill or mutate any cell. Naturally this applies to “bad radioactivity” only, “good radioactivity” derived from melting down or well functioning nuclear plants, depleted uranium weapons and radiotherapy equipment constitutes the “natural background radiation” and is no threat to your health.***

*** For a split second I was under the spell of the Anglo-American media and acclaimed health experts, so please disregard the last sentence.

When you put oxygen into the cell it will revert back to being a healthy, normal cell. This works as long as the cell remembers that it is a cell and how it is supposed to function as cell. This knowledge seems to be stored in DNA..

So if you can manipulate DNA in one direction (illness) you should also be able to manipulate it in the other direction (health).

Elizabeth Joyce holds seminars for therapists in Doylestown, PA, to introduce Inder-dimensional Access Vibrational Healing, IAVH. As IAVH enhances other healing modalities and makes them work in cases where these do not work on their own, one could try it on these spantaneous cancers as well.

The presidents of Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador have not got cancer, yet. Hence the proof that cancer is caused by a “left wing dictatorial gene” has not been established.

The Vatican counts most South Americans as catholics. South America still has a very low number of cancer incidences. People often believe that cancer is a divine wish. Should Obama be able to prove that he can cause cancer he would be elevated to status of god.

On a different note:

Last Friday, a few hours after I’d sent out “Euro notes with mint sauce Part 2”, the vulture-capitalists seem to have had a change of underwear and instructed the rating agencies to downgrade Europe immediately.

I did not expect this to come in the middle of the night at the beginning of a weekend, I expected it on Monday morning while the auction of French bonds was going on. France lost its treasured triple A – 8.5bn of short term bonds were oversubscribed and sold at around 0.4%, just a bit lower than last year.

So much to the power of S&P and Moodys. Fitch did not participate in the downgrade, a group of French investors now holds 60% of Fitch.

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