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“Excited Delirium” is a new medical condition that leads to sudden death.

The WHO has no knowledge of it and does not list it under its endless list of new diseases, yet.

Luckily Excited Delirium was discovered in hundreds of cases by medical geniuses in the USA. From there it found its way to the UK where 17 cases are well documented. The latest case being that of Jacob Michael, a 25 year old from Cheshire. Jacob Michael was beaten up by 11 police officers of the Cheshire constabulary during arrest and by a further 4 officers while in custody.

The coroner concluded that Jacob’s broken ribs and torn liver as well as all the other symptoms consistent with “excessive restraint treatment” did not contribute to his death,
the cause of death is “Excited Delirium”.

There is no definition for “Excited Delirium” and it only affects people in police custody.
Hence we must be eternally grateful to these talented medical professionals to have spotted this rare disease as a vaccine can now be developed which will become a prerequisite for when you apply for a protesters or occupiers license.

It should be noted at this point that there is no CAM therapy that will prevent death from “Excited Delirium”.

On a completely different note:

Can you imagine 150.000 government regulated allopathic doctors or general practitioners, GP, treating patients with more than 350 different CAM therapies?

This is hardly imaginable in the Anglo-American sphere, but this is the case in Germany.

Every employee needs to have health insurance by law, GKV, and self-employed have approximately the same called PKV. There are 150 insurers covering GKV and PKV.
These are combined in an association which regulates what kind of medicine they pay for.
The insurance premiums are the same (15.5% of salary) for employees with all of them, so competition exists only due to the different treatments they cover.

For example:
All cover Acupuncture for backpain and arthrosis of the knee. But if you want Acupuncture treatment for headaches then cover is not compulsory but some insurers will cover it.
If it is not covered you can pay the GP privately. The costs for Acupuncture range from 25 to 60 Euros per session.

It is in the interest of GP that insurers cover as little as possible as the patient will gladly pay privately – or go to a hospital where every treatment is free when indicated.
The private charges are always higher for the same treatment than the costs the association of insurers will negotiate. The insurer aims to cover as much as possible in order to get the competitive advantage.

Bach Flower therapy can cost up to 200 Euros including examinations and diagnosis. It’s the GP’s favorite and more than 50% of the 150.000 GP offer it. You need to buy your bottles from the pharmacy, the same licensed pharmacy that sells all prescription drugs.

Biofeedback costs between 8 and 20 Euros per session.

Light therapy 7 to 13 Euros only.

Insurers scan worldwide databases for clinical trials of therapies to help them evaluate therapies they may want to cover. There are plenty of European/German databases but they also look at these:

These two institutions of the NHS in UK
Centre for Reviews and Dissemination (CRD),.
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE),

and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality“(AHRQ) in USA,
as well as Medline and Cochrane databank.

On top of this insurers examine feedback from GP and make their own studies.
For example Electro-Convulsion-Therapy for depression:
50% of patients improve,
side effects are nosea and memory loss,
mortality rate is 1 in 75.000 (patients with heart problems).
There were 800 patients treated in 1985 and 5000 in 2011.

Sleep Deprivation or Awake Therapy shows 60% short term success and 15% long term benefits for depression.
You get up at 02:00h, cook in groups or do other group activities that stop you from falling asleep, no naps or sleep for at least 22 hours.

German companies export the machines to China with which the Chinese produce the consumer goods destined for USA and rest of world. These German companies also build the entire factories and attached towns for workers. Fully equipped hospitals, equipped with “German medicine” are included. To start with workers are treated with TCM at the ground floor and “German medicine” is reserved for management at the upper floors.

This makes workers believe that “German medicine” is superior to TCM and hence more desirable. It becomes a perk for every worker to be treated at the upper floor. This is the most effective marketing technique which eliminates the need to convince a patient about efficacy of a treatment. When it is good for management it is good for us, that’s the general perception.

We must keep in mind that Chinese workers have no health insurance and depend on health services provided by the company they work for. The days of Old China where a person would pay his physician while healthy and stop paying when ill until he has been cured have long gone.

There are 100+ therapies in the directory of and 100+ under “Categories under review”. Very few of the 350 therapies available through the German health system are featured. Their creators often contend that there is one empirical medicine which comes in many forms only, that the term CAM was created in the countries of medical fascism in order to discriminate against certain forms of medicine and protect capitalistic interests.
Hence most object to marketing their therapies to US and UK as they do not want to deal with ineffable hostility, discrimination and persecution.

There is a world market for medicine after all, as illustrated by the China example above.
I’ll elaborate on this subject in further News Flashes. My predictions of how these markets will develop are in my ebook “2012/20 Capitalism Endgame” which you can order by sending me an email to with “2012/20” in subject. The price is $12.20 (or 12.20 in any currency exchangable for organic food) and you’ll receive the chapters as I write them.

One therapy to have a worldwide impact will be IAVH by Elizabeth Joyce as it enhances all existing therapies. Sometimes a treatment does not generate the result hoped for – add IAVH and see the difference.

Elizabeth holds introduction seminars to IAVH for therapists and other medical professionals in Doylestown, PA, USA. Dates are 17-19 Feb and 13-15 April, so book your place now and become part of this medical revolution.

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