MRI is safe, the contrast agent only kills

MRI is safe, the contrast agent only kills

Gadodiamide based contrast agents used in MRI have been found to release the highly toxic metal Gadolinium and cause a new disease termed Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, NSF.

Please read about the symptoms of this man-made disease and the devastating consequences for NSF patients You’ll also learn who discovered NSF and when and the response of regulating bodies to this discovery.

The bottom line:

Since at least 1993 millions, possibly hundreds of millions, have been affected. It seems to be health-politically incorrect to disseminate information about NSF to health professionals and patients alike. MRI is the “(w)holy cow” of allopathy, “you shall not taint its image”.

Physicians are not aware of NSF and hence fail to diagnose. Symptoms of early stage or less severe stage can easily be mis-diagnosed.

There is no cure and nobody in allopathy seems to be interested in finding one as it would require to expose that the contrast agent in MRI is the cause. This has political and legal consequences as well, a situation to be avoided at all costs, so it seems.

When a physician states “it is unethical and risky to use this contrast agent” and consequently refuses to use it he will face a libel case. This sends a clear message to all physicians: “do not stop using our contrast agent and do not make negative statements or we will sue you”.

As evidence for this remark I refer to “GE Healthcare vs Henrik Thomsen”,

The High Court of Justice

Queen’s Bench Division

Claim No. HO 08X01610

This is an ongoing case and I’ll be glad to send you court documents as attachments.

My primary concern are the NSF patients, those who have been diagnosed with NSF which are a few hundreds only, and those who suffer from it and have no idea that they have NSF and why they have it which may be millions.

You, the therapist, are in a position to identify these NSF patients in your area. You can ask the patient with appropriate symptoms if he/she has had an MRI, then investigate to find out what contrast agent was used. This is a worldwide issue and I am asking all of you for your support.

You can list on under “Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis – cure needed!”. Start your listing with the area you cover – ……..

…then we need to find a cure, I trust you are as interested in this as I am.

I am available to discuss this matter on yahoo IM:, or send an email to the same.



Wilfrid Hartnagel

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