Carrots conspire to attack US

Should this conspiracy go unchallenged it will have a devastating effect on the economy, our way of life.


The carrot causes health. Can we afford a healthy population?

The simple answers is a straight NO.

Millions of jobs are at stake – in Chinese sweat shops producing over sized clothes for obese Americans – in US pharmaceutical companies that produce your daily cocktail of prescription drugs, – and last not least in the health care industry whose seven hundred thousand doctors´ spending power may be considered to be the backbone of the economy. 

A successful carrot attack will send jitters through the stock market – eradicating your hard earned savings.

So how do we combat this carrot conspiracy?

Dropping bombs is one option, but some innocent rabbits may get hurt and you´ll have the animal rights activists on your back.

Ridiculing is another option. Ridiculing always works providing you address an uninformed audience.

Legislation is the safest option. We are all law abiding citizens after all, so when the law tells us "no carrot" we will obey.

This happened recently in Chincoteague on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Jay and Rose Cherrix made an informed decision and chose the carrot over chemotherapy for their 16 year old son who suffers from cancer.

This carrot, a sugar-free, organic food diet is supervised by a clinic in Mexico.

A judge ruled this to be neglectful and ordered the child to be treated with chemotherapy at a local hospital and Jay and Rose to share custody of their son with the Accomack County Department of Social Services.


This does not affect you, you may think. Well, let´s think again.

You may have a child that suffers from asthma – and many of us do have such a child.

There is no cure for asthma, you´ve been told.

Asthma is curable in other parts of the world and has been for decades.

So why not in the US?

It´s a drug-free treatment that takes a couple of weeks only. Consider the profits from a life long consumption of inhalers and you may come to the conclusion why this treatment has not been available in the past, today, and is not likely to reach the US in the future.

So what will happen when you find out?

Will you choose the carrot over the inhaler and the chance of your child becoming another asthma death statistic?

How do you legislate against your decision?

Will you get a stamp in your passport "this child leaves the US as an asthmatic and has to return as an asthmatic – or parents will be prosecuted for neglect"?

Beware of the carrot!

Long live the carrot!

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