Dr Andrew Wakefield, vaccines and autism

Today, the first day of February 2010 the mass media unanimously reports the same figures provided by the British medical establishment:

1. Incidences of measles were 56 in 1998 and up to 1370 in 2008. Vaccination rates went
down to 70% from 90% over that period.

The General Medical Council ruled that Dr Andrew Wakefield is to blame who published a study in the prestigious medical journal Lancet that linked the triple Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine with autism and bowel disorders in children.

2. You are meant to believe that the reduced vaccination rate is responsible for the increase in measles, there is no other way of interpretation of figures and ruling.

But where is the correlation between those figures, where is the evidence?
Were all 1370 cases unvaccined toddlers?
If this were the case you can be sure that this evidence would have been stated.

The fact that it has not been stated speaks for itself. It is the most vital part of the study that is meant to prove that vaccines prevent disease. When you withhold this your science becomes junk science.

I suspect that all 1370 cases were caused by the MMR vaccine, just like competent scientists in this field have predicted.

Collaborating evidence for my suspicion is the fact that autism incidences are rising epidemically, just like competent scientists have predicted.

How many of these 1370 cases were vaccinated?
I demand those figures to be released. Hiding them insults the intelligence of the public.

Wilfrid Hartnagel
ceo, infoholix.net

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