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Cancer cure by Dr. Tullio Simoncini
  Tullio Simoncini is a Roman doctor specialising in oncology, diabetology
and in metabolic disorders.

Dr. Simoncini discovered that the cause of cancer is a fungus and tried hard to persuade scientists how wrong the actual theories on cancer are. His therapy based on the strongest antifungal substance, sodium bicarbonate, is harmless and very effective and should be adopted all over the world.

This is an example of a colon cancer tumor case:

At the beginning of January, 2000, I visit the patient, who is affected by stenotic adenocarcinoma of the ascendant colon.

The patient's condition is very critical, to the point that in December, 1999, with a haemoglobin value of 6 mg he had undergone two blood transfusions.

The therapy starts at the beginning of January with appropriate diet, reconstituents and sodium bicarbonate taken orally.

After a few days, the intestine begins to recanalize and normalize evacuation. The patient constantly improves, later reaching even the normalization of the hematochemical parameters (haemoglobin and CEA). Notwithstanding the optimism about the results that have been reached, nevertheless the patient is warned about the dimensions of the neoplasia which cannot be eliminated only orally, both because with this procedure only a barely sufficient canalization is obtainable and because the bicarbonate cannot be assumed for excessively extensive periods.

It is therefore decided to program a cycle, for the end of April to the beginning of May (possibly to be repeated several times). The cycle consists of administrations of sodium bicarbonate solutions through the endoscope.

The intent is that of amplifying the destructive effect the fungin colonies (Candida), which causes the development of the tumoral mass. The endoscopic examinations of April 26, 2000 show that the tumoral mass occludes the intestinal lumen (Fig. 1). The Candida (after the washing of the epithelium with water) are well visible (Fig. 2).

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

After a day, a dramatic reduction is evident
(Fig. 3), and this is confirmed even in the following days (Fig. 4).
With the endoscopies it is therefore shown that the fungus (Candida) is the causal element of the tumoral masses. It is in fact possible to see them at the sub-epithelial level after the removal of blood with physiological solution, because of their whitish colour. Furthermore, the direct aspersion technique with sodium bicarbonate demonstrates with certainty that it is the only substance able to destroy the fungin colonies that colonize the tissues and generate various types of tumours. It is appropriate to highlight that the action of sodium bicarbonate takes place not only as a correction of acidosis, but also as a specific ability (that is, not possessed by other basic compounds) to destroy fungin colonies. It acts by destroying the connections of the intercellular bridges that exist between the cells thus preventing them from communicating and becoming a common body against the immune system.

In this way, the fungin cells, now individually exposed to the defence mechanisms of the host, can be easily and quickly phagocitated.

Bicarbonate allows humoral immunity to be effective and to disintegrate the colonies, thus favouring the cicatrisation of the tissues.

Instead, the immune reaction is impotent when faced by colonies already so large that they cannot be intimately penetrated and therefore disintegrated.

The whole mystery of the rooting of the fungi and of the cause of cancer is right here in the decrease of the effectiveness, up to the extinction of the humoral defensive capabilities when the colonies manage to conquer grounds and to expand enough. The sodium bicarbonate has the ability to completely reactivate the defensive functions of the organism.

This action explains the cases of reversibility and healing of tumours which occur for various reasons: therapeutic, dietary, or environmental when the fungin cells, reduced to the size of a colony that is not sufficiently large or consolidated, can undergo changes that makes them individually attackable.

This is the key of the interpretation of the formation of cancer that can develop only if it manages to go beyond the defences of humoral immunity. This is possible only with the convergence of all the factors usually invoked spiritual conflicts, stress, endogenous and exogenous toxicosis, bad diet, malnutrition and more that act for a given time period on a given tissue or target organ.

Italy 1. Dr. Tullio Somoncini, Rome, Italy.
Visitors are welcome to view case histories documented by videos of patients and their families.
Considering the total failure of official oncology, which is obvious to all, one can understand my strongly critical position of an Italian and global medical system that operates in what is a scientific dead end that is of no help to the patients whatsoever.

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