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Personal Development Method LTA
LTA Personal Development
by Linda Evans

LTA stands for Liberty - Truth - Ability

Hi, my name is Linda Evans.

I have developed a technique for improving personality, ability, health and life circumstances, called LTA Personal Development.
People are treated from a distance with LTA therapy.

Free example treatments

I present example treatments on my website in order to demonstrate how this method works and to show the results that can be achieved. I am currently looking for more candidates for free example treatments.

People with all kinds of problems and symptoms (all kinds of diseases, compulsion, anorexia, stuttering, psoriasis, narcissism, dyslexia, study problems, paedophilia, psychoses, schizophrenia, bulimia, phobias, autism, frequent setbacks ...), or whatever, may apply for free LTA treatment from a distance.

For more information go to:


According to the insights of LTA, man is a soul in a body. The soul incarnates into a body and leaves the body when this person dies. Then it incarnates into another body. The soul is kept prisoner in an eternal reincarnation cycle. More or less the same events occur in every life.
The soul or conscious mind is surrounded by the subconscious mind, which surrounds a person in the form of matter and energies. This matter is called "the programme" or the negative subconscious mind. The energies are the positive subconscious mind.

The "programme" around the soul is the cause of negative behaviour of people and of suffering in the world. It is located in and around the body and it consists of millions of different "patterns" or "programmings".

When a person suffers from anxiety, this anxiety surrounds them in the form of matter. Someone who is prone to setbacks is the victim of a pattern around him or her that causes those setbacks. A selfish person is not responsible for this behaviour. It is the pattern of "selfishness" around this person that controls him or her. This person does not act out of free will.

If a certain pattern is not present in the subconscious mind, this negative characteristic does not occur in a person. Someone who is not surrounded by the pattern of financial setbacks or of a certain disease will never have financial setbacks and will never suffer from that disease.

Positive behaviour, success, talent, intelligence, the right truth, good health and everything that is positive in life is the result of the energies. For every good quality a person may have (e.g. intuition, empathy, joy, self-confidence, aesthetic sense, leadership qualities, being successful, will power, honesty, etc.) there is a specific energy that surrounds this person. When somebody lacks a certain quality, the energies for this quality are suppressed by the patterns.

LTA stands for Liberty - Truth - Ability. It means that people are freed from patterns and that they can think and act freely (Liberty), find the right truth on the basis of energies (Truth) instead of the so-called truth that the patterns make a person believe in, and reach the highest possible level of ability (Ability).

What can be achieved

After a first contact (personal, by telephone or by webcam), people are solely treated from a distance with LTA Personal Development. Patterns are broken layer by layer, and underlying energies are released. The patterns are wiped out completely from the subconscious mind, and the cause of the problem is removed completely and permanently. When a person has had sufficient hours of treatment, the programme starts to disintegrate automatically. Since the LTA technique makes it possible to work at incredible depths in the subconscious mind and since patterns are peeled off completely and keep disintegrating automatically, the desired result can always be achieved with this technique, either in the short or in the long term. Some people progress quickly, others somewhat more slowly, and 25% of the people progress very slowly.

What can be expected is that a given problem that can be handled by this method can always be solved, in the short or longer term. Longer term means: some years. Exceptionally, it can take 5 to 10 years to solve a problem when a person progresses extremely slowly (maybe 1 in 1000 people). (There is fast, middle, slow (25%), and extremely slow).

LTA Personal Development is helpful for

* Considerably improving character, behaviour, personality
* Removing psychological problems and inhibitions
* Changing your life for the better, changing negative situations
* Considerably improving your health
* Increasing talents and ability
* Increasing financial success (in the long term)

The aim of the therapy

The LTA therapy was first of all developed for improving personality. However, the LTA method also has an important impact on health, ability and circumstances. I am especially interested in treating people who are looking for in-depth personal improvement, because they want to become a better and more able human being and not because they are experiencing a difficult situation at that particular moment in their life.

How we proceed

I only practice distance therapy. Prospective clients have to fill out the questionnaire that is found on the website and they subsequently e-mail it to me. Prior to the therapy an initial contact with me is required so that I can get to know them. This can be a personal contact, by telephone or webcam, or after having sent a small film by email about oneself.

There is paid treatment and there is a free self treatment technique, which is explained on the website. This self help method involves making use of my psychic energies. Everybody can immediately start applying this technique for helping themselves and others after having read the explanation on

Belgium 1. Linda is based in Belgium and Holland.

There is paid treatment and there is a free self treatment technique with testimonials, which is explained on the website.

With this self-treatment technique, people work with Linda's energies. They can immediately start doing this technique for helping themselves and others just by reading the explanation on the website.

website e-mail
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