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Vibrational Healing and DNA
DNA was discovered in 1869 by the Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher.
As DNA resides in the nuclei of cells he called it "nuclein".

This was around the time when Karl Freiherr von Reichenbach (Germany) researched the energy of life and Claude Bernard (France) proved Pleomorphism and refuted Monomorphism as hypothesized by Luis Pasteur.

Pasteur was favored by pharmaceutical manufacturers as you can´t produce drugs based on Pleomorphism ("the environment is everything, the microbe is nothing") but you can based on Monomorphism. Hence the foundations of allopathy are built on sand.

DNA had a similar fate. After commercial applications were envisaged research increased and got the big push when Bill Clinton initiated the Human Genome Project.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material that makes up all organisms, two strands are wrapped around each other in an anti-parallel way, the double helix.
These two strands make up 3% of our DNA, then there are another 10 strands that make up 97%.

Only the 3% are of commercial interest. They can be manipulated and lead to scientific break-throughs that brought us Genetically Modified Organisms like GMO-food.
The remaining 97% are too difficult for science to get to, they can´t be patented, so science claims that these are "scrap", totally irrelevant.

DNA stores all information. Far more interesting than what these 3% store is what science found that they don´t store.

- why are some people psychic and can see things that others cannot see?
- why does Remote Viewing exist?
- where is the energy for life?

A cell needs to be healthy to divide and pass on DNA. Cellular health occurs on 4 levels:

1. structural level
2. bio-chemical level

these two levels are the concern of allopathy.

3. energy level

variuos forms of energy medicine are concerned with this level.

4. information level

how does a cell know that it is a cell and what it needs to do as a particular cell?
Where does the cell get this information from - where is it stored?
This is the question of all questions, without answers there is no life.

As this information is not stored in the 3% of DNA as science has proved, it is safe to assume it is in the 97% "scrap-DNA".

Should nature not have made a mistake after all and endowed us with 97% useless DNA?

Cellular medicine teaches us that cells that do not divide correctly, do not carry over the full DNA, lead to mutations, different forms of organisms. Logic dictates that the 97% have an essential function to sustain the cell, hence sustaining life.

Vibrational Medicine or Vibrational Healing accesses these 97% of DNA.

There are many forms of Vibrational Healing. Flower essences and Bach Flower have proven their efficacy and so have many forms of Energy Healing. All these cannot be explained by Allopathy which is no surprise when you disregard 97% of DNA.

United States 1. Join me in Doylestown, PA, for the introductory seminar of Inter-Dimensional Ascencion Vibrational Healing IAVH.

Date: June 16-17

You can take the instruction course at any time after the introductory seminar or immediately thereafter at the same location.

It may be your destiny to introduce IAVH to your country or region and I know it is my destiny to guide and help you to do so.

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