Accessing the 5th dimension with Elizabeth Joyce1
Alexander technique27
Animal Communication28
Art therapy20
Aura therapy30
Bach flower35
Bowen therapy66
Breast Cancer - Mark Sircus Ac., OMD1
Breast Cancer early detection method3
Buteyko Breathing Therapy (BBT)48
Cancer - Heart disease - AIDS, Matthias Rath M.D.1
Cancer cure by Dr. Tullio Simoncini1
Categories under review121
Chromotherapy - Colour Therapy2
Craniosacral therapy56
Crystal healing78
Donna Fertility Testing Method1
Dorn Method14
Educational Institutes106
Environmental Medicine and Health3
Enzyme therapy11
Essential oils30
Feldenkrais method19
Feng shui50
Flotation therapy13
Flower essences59
Folk medicine31
Hawaiian Huna Massage3
High Intensity Focus Ultrasound HIFU4
Indian head massage75
Jaffe-Mellor technique (JMT)2
Jin Shin Do3
Jin shin jyutsu56
Journey therapy53
Kampo - Japan's traditional herbal medicine0
L.I.E.S.H. Therapy for breast + skin cancer1
Life coaching62
Louise L. Hay philosophy39
Low intensity laser therapy4
Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT)5
Meridian energy therapy (EFT)102
Meridian energy therapy - Thought Field Therapy40
Meridian energy therapy EmoTrance10
Meridian energy therapy FREEWAY-CER3
Meridian energy therapy REMAP process1

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Flower essences
  Flower Essences are prepared by immersing flowers in water, and then exposing this preparation to heat or sunlight. This infusion is called the mother stock which is diluted with brandy.
This process releases the healing properties and spiritual elements of the flower. They are used to nourish and help heal the physical body. That in turn helps to encourage the minds natural healing abilities.
The flower essences are taken by mouth, usually a few drops placed under the tongue. Essences can be used individually or in combination.

United Kingdom 1. John Smith is a Flower Essence Remedy Therapist in Troon. UK

website e-mail
United Kingdom 2. Margaret Woodward is a Flower essence Remedy Therapist in Buckinghamshire. UK

Australia 3. Australian Bush Flower Essences offer workshops all over Australia. Aslso information on the uses of flower essences. Buy essences online.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 4. Essences made from tree flowers, shamanic power plants, light and the environment, plus easy to use combinations. Unusual energy healing tools also available. Based in Devon, England

website e-mail
United Kingdom 5. The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association provides support for essence users and practitioners. It provides a practitioner listing and producer listing, quarterly journal and annual conference.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 6. Silvercord Essences produce essences from flowers, trees, fungi and grasses, based in the UK.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 7. Gill Clark, LCHE, MARH, IIHHT Registered Homeopath and Flower Essences Practitioner plus Indian Head Massage Specialist in womens` health and stress-related symptoms.

United States 8. Living Earth Herbs, an herbalist-run online store offering organic bulk herbs, organic essential oils, books, herbal extracts, bodycare products, FES and Bach Flower Essences, and more. Based in Eugene, OR, USA

website e-mail
Australia 9. Soul Quintessence System - vibrational essences from power places around the world. Workshops conducted in Poland, Sweden, England, Ireland and Australia. Essences and literature available upon request.

website e-mail
United States 10. Flowers heal the soul. The Flower Essence Society is an international network of health practitioners developing flower essence therapy for mental and emotional wellness. Annual certification program is conducted at beautiful Lake Tahoe. Read new research articles on our website.

website e-mail
United States 11. Flower Essence Services are based in California, USA. FES celebrates 27 years of creating products praised by health professionals throughout the world. Discover vibrant flower essences, essential and massage oils. Dual certification: organic and Demeter-Biodynamic.

website e-mail
United States 12. Tree Frog Farm is a registered wildlife sanctuary on Lummi Island, WA, USA. Here Diana Pepper and John Robinson produce red shiso or aloe vera based flower essences and aromatherapy products. All natural made in harmony with nature. Phone and e-mail consultations.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 13. A wonderful range of Flower Essences and Gem/Crystal Essences, hand made with Love, to assist our personal and spiritual growth. Based in the UK - worldwide mail order.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 14. deva-light, producer of magical essences and flower potions for spiritual and personal enhancement, based in the UK.

United Kingdom 15. Rose Cottage Flower Essences is about the making, prescription, and selling of flower, crystal, channelled and place vibrational remedies , essences. Robina is a flower essence therapist and maker, Reiki Master and chartered physiotherapist in private practice. Based in Suffolk, UK.

website e-mail
Canada 16. Vibrational essences created from mother tinctures gathered in forests and parklands of Canada - energetic support for people of all ages through the multiple situations, transitions, difficulties and natural cycles of life. Includes 12 body synergy essences for people and animals and three special essences for animals in distress. Web site contains a wealth of information on essences, and their selection and use. Buy essences and essence books online. Based in Quebec, Canada.

website e-mail
United States 17. Courses offered - Becoming a Natural Health Practitioner, IIPA-certified Iridology courses, Emotional Iridology, Herbal Health, Running a Successful Business. Services Offered - Iridology, Bio-Chemical Blood Analysis, herbs, essences and counseling. Also offering Internal Cleansing Kits, Amazon Rainforest Herbs, Nature's Sunshine Herbal products, Canadian Forest Tree Essences and Sageant cellular food. Buy online. Based in Ohio, USA.

website e-mail
Canada 18. Raven Essences are unique amongst the flower essences industry. Created with sacred sound and with definitions that are poetic and metaphoric,
they focus upon the body-soul´s creative expression as a primary healing force for oneself and Gaia. 250 essences, manual, courses, and long-distance consults. Based in Maple, Ontario, Canada.

website e-mail
United States 19. Pat Davis is a Flower Essence Practitioner in N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA . Her specialty is Combination Remedies. She provides easy consultations by phone or email, and is also trained for Intuitive Methods and specialty combinations. She holds a 13 year experience in the field. Flower essences are amazing catalysts for healing & self-transformation!

website e-mail
United States 20. Linda Cohen is an FES Certified Flower Essence Therapist and Gary Null Certified Holistic Nutritionist working exclusively with vibrational essences. Using "Nature´s vitamins for emotions," Linda facilitates energetic and lifestyle upgrades. 1 hour sessions cost $125 which include formula and "soul" work.

United States 21. Total Fitness is a resource for personal and professional transformation. We offer flower essence therapy as part of kinesiology and life coaching sessions.

website e-mail
Australia 22. Avalon Rose Flower Essences, provide a range of essences which will lovingly support you in the changes you are bringing about in your life. Made with love and respect for nature, from beautiful blooms, these essences are gentle yet powerful. Please visit our website for a full listing.

website e-mail
United States 23. Over twenty years experience healing emotional, psychological, spiritual, parenting, relationship, chronic illness issues. Graduated studies in psychology and a certified flower essence therapist. Sliding scale. Can ship internationally. Testimonials are provided on my site; Check Google for my flower essence articles.

website e-mail
Switzerland 24. We provide Dr.Bach´s Wild Flower essences, First Aid Cream and Gel, Wild Teasel, 40 various wild flowers, Wild Yams Cream. We have various combinations which are as: Aura-Protection, Sleep well, Memory, Room Balance, Hay Fever and we deliver our products worldwide. Visit our homepage for further information.

website e-mail
United States 25. Soo Hwa Yeo is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner with The Edward Bach Foundation, UK. She offers Bach Flower Essence Therapy and Education. Consultations available by phone and Level 1 Certificate of the Bach International Education Program through on-site courses or Distance Learning Program in USA and internationally. Author of Healing The Family with Bach Flower Essences. Based in Sunnyvale, CA.

website e-mail
Mexico 26. A place devoted to the diffusion of floral therapy. We offer classes for therapists, books, consultation and stock flower essences.
We are the distributor in Mexico for Florais de Saint Germain Floral Essences, from Brazil.
MD with 10+ years of experience in Floral Therapy, and EAV.

website e-mail
United States 27. Ananda Apothecary offers complete lines of both English and North American flower essences, including the original Bach flower remedies and Rescue Remedy.

website e-mail
Australia 28. "when you are faced with difficult decisions, managing painful life events
or in the midst of a life transition, the synthesis of holistic counselling,
reiki and flower essences will hold you like a loving friend while you heal,
release and relax"

United Kingdom 29. Information centre and web shop for a wide range of Flower, Gem, Environmental and Animal Essences from around the world. We can make you a personalised combination with your choice of essences. Pharmacy service for essence therapists and student practitioners. On line essence repertory.

website e-mail
Australia 30. Living Essences of Australia provide a range of Australian alternative medicines based on natural flower essences. These natural therapy products treat a range of physical, mental and spiritual ailments or illnesses.

website e-mail
United States 31. FLORA CORONA Hawaiian Flower Essences & Gem Elixirs for Topical Application-a new way of using vibrational essences developed by FES practitioner Deborah Craydon, co-author of FLORAL ACUPUNCTURE-Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites.

website e-mail
United States 32. Teaching and Healing services with a world-wide client and student base. Sparkling Lotus Ink is dedicated to world peace and the serious study of flower and earth medicine. SLI also offers customized synergies and single remedies from a repertory of 250+ flower essences, some including gem elixirs.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 33. Flower essences use dilute highly energised vegetable infusions to create a profound soothing effect on the mind and emotions. Tortue Rouge flower essences are 100% organic and include our own combinations - Dr Petals Elixirs for animals and Elixirs for Life for humans.

website e-mail
United States 34. Maitri Dreams is the work of Laurie Monahan. She offers a line of flower essence blends for the modern soul, including Sacred Masculine, Sacred Feminine, Enlightenment, Passion & Purpose and more. Maitri is a Buddhist term,meaning ´Loving-kindness, especially towards oneself. Maitri Dreams to you!

website e-mail
United States 35. Judy Goldberg is a Flower Esssence Therapist and a National Certified Counselor.

United Kingdom 36. We are an essence producer based in Shropshire in the UK. A range of healing essences and remedies made from flowers, herbs, plants, trees, crystals and cosmic. Anne who makes them is a fully qualified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner.

website e-mail
United States 37. Flower & gem essences & aromatherapy roll-ons with the dolphin difference. Energy medicine at it´s best. Get a free ebook when you visit the site. Check out the new Essences of Sound with renowned sound healer Jonathan Goldman.

website e-mail
New Zealand 38. The Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas are collections of essences, sold in tablet form, made from living flowers and plants which, when combined, resonate on an accurate and particular frequency in order to regulate specific cellular systems.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 39. Hello,
I am Debby Patmore, a qualified Flower Essence Therapist who uses flowers from the entire world.
UK, USA, Hawaii, Brazil, Switzerland
I work with consultations by phone and email as well as in person.
I specialise in confidence, fertility, children and abandonment issues.
I mainly work with women.

United Kingdom 40. Debbie Sellwood. I have a Diploma in
Vibrational Medicine and work as a Flower Essence consultant in Hampshire, UK.
I create personalised bottles for clients, chosing from hundreds of essences from all over the world. I am also a professional Astrologer helping people to understand themselves or their problems.

United States 41. Amy Zilka. My 20 years of experience working with humans and animals using the following: Acupuncture, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Tuning Forks, Coaching & Nutrition. I help You utilize your "Wisdom that you were created with" to be fully integrated & whole!

website e-mail
Australia 42. Solara Antara Zwaneveld - "Natures Flowers of Life" flower essences with gem elixirs - for addressing underlying causes of physical discomfort, illness, emotional challenges or fearful situations. By calming emotional & mental states, the physical body can begin to heal its imbalances. Safe & gentle, yet powerful. Tighes Hill, N.S.W. Australia

website e-mail
United States 43. Alternatives for Healing is a leading holistic directory for finding flower essence practitioners, products, books, stores, and seminars.

website e-mail
Spain 44. Natural Health & Relaxation Centre in southern Spain. Based in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 45. ELEANA NEEDHAM. EXPERIENCED FLOWER ESSENCES PRACTITIONER, HOMEOPATH & LECTURER, specialising in fertility, weight loss, detoxification and skin conditions. Professional, affordable, confidential consultations. Free 15-min telephone assessments. Areas: Epsom, Sutton, Ewell, Reigate, Banstead, Surrey.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 46. Essences & ThetaDNA Healing - transform your life!
- remove negative programs, beliefs, phobias, addictions, trauma, abuse, depression, allergies, toxins, illnesses, genetic flaws, soul fragments,
- install fountain of youth, pos. beliefs, health & vitality, self-worth, prosperity, success, love

website e-mail
United States 47. I & E ORGANICS APOTHECARY ~ Homeopathic pharmacy, flower and gem essences in homeopathic potencies, chakra balancing tools, ayurvedic herbs and oils, bulk herbs, organic medicinal teas, and dynamic bath & body products.

website e-mail
Australia 48. Discover ancient vibrational healing properties of flowering plants and their contribution to modern times. Includes charts, descriptions, online ordering.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 49. Therapies on offer include:- Crystal Healing, Guided Self Healing, Energy Interference Patterning, Vibrational Essences (including flower remedies and gem elixirs), Environmental Healing, Geopathic Stress, Space Clearing, Feng Shui, Holistic Massage. Please refer to the website for more information on the therapies offered.

website e-mail
United States 50. Celebrating 25 yrs of passionate dedication to excellent quality, personalized service, accurate info, environmental stewardship & affordability. I trained in flower essence therapy 23 yrs ago & have made essences in HI, TN, GA & NM. I use the CA & Bach as well. Your combo/consults are available.

website e-mail
Ireland 51. Eibhlin Ni Ghabhlain: Establishing balance and healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, through combined therapies of kinesiolgy, Flower Essences, Nutrition, Colour, Sound, Reconnective Healing, IET and Reiki. Based in Donnybrook, Dublin

website e-mail
United Kingdom 52. I produce my own range of Touchwood flower essences that I was led to make through channelled information, whilst working as a medium. I sell the essences and also use them as part of my intuitive healing sessions here at Touchwoood, Swansea....or by phone or Skype.

website e-mail
Singapore 53. Flower essences are most often used to help process trauma and stress, clear away unproductive life patterns, and expand and elevate consciousness.

website e-mail
United States 54. Nearly 700 essences in distilled water from Swanstar and Lightwater Essences- flowers, earth´s sacred sites, spiritual archetypes, stars, Venus masters & flowers, constellations, galaxies, DNA Stranding Codes. Ellen Wachs, intuitive anthropologist, draws custom blends from her 1000 Essence Library.

website e-mail
United States 55. Australian Bush Flower Essences online users services allows you to search thousands of emotional, spritual & physical conditions for appropriate essence. Maintain a client data base with your recommendations with client printout of recommendations.

website e-mail
India 56. We LALA JAGDISH PRASAD & CO. Indian Supplier of Pure Jasmine Oil, Jasmine Absolute Oil, Jasmine Oil India, Online Absolutes Oils, Pure essential Oils, Rare & Precious Floral Absolutes Oils,

website e-mail
Australia 57. Natural Essentials Australian upscale skincare products

website e-mail
United States 58. Essa Adams: Flower essences specialist. Great Lakes region. My focus is understanding many lines of essences for matching clients with the most powerful combination within a single line. Progressive life consultations or single life challenges discussed with you by email or telephone. Always over coffee. Essa

website e-mail
Canada 59. For centuries gemstones have been used for their powerful healing properties. The gem-based Living Light Essences, created by Jeff Binder and Rachel Finney in Canada in 1996, are no exception. Used around the world by a wide variety of practitioners, they help to facilitate deep healing and significant changes in consciousness.
P.O. Box 24033 RPO Bullfrog
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

website e-mail
Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis - cure needed!2
Neural Depolarization2
No Hands Massage6
Oral Medicine, Natural Dentistry + Stomatology2
Past life therapy64
Permaculture - Paraguay1
Personal Development Method LTA1
Pranic healing21
Process acupressure11
Prostate Cancer therapies2
Psychic healing46
Psycho neuro-immunology + Psycho neuro-endocrinology3
Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl64
Rosen Method Bodywork18
SCENAR, self-healing stimulation from Russia35
Scientific Research18
Siddha, medicine of South India6
Sound Healing54
Spiral Release Bodywork1
Spiritual healing144
Sweat lodge8
Tai Chi59
Thalasso therapy9
Theta Healing13
Tibetan Medicine2
Traditional Chinese Medical Divination1
Traditional Chinese Medicine69
Unani, Greek-Arabic medicine17
Vibrational Healing and DNA1
WWW for therapists: website, blog, seo, ppc1
Yoga Jnana1
Yoga Sahaja1
Yoga Samadhi + Sankalpa Shakti2
Yoga Sapta1
Yoga Satyananda3
Yoga Vedanta0

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