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Past life therapy
  Past Life Therapy is based on the principle that events that have occurred in a person's previous lifetimes can affect the present.
During therapy, past life traumas and experiences are explored.
The therapist assists the client in resolving any remaining emotional issues or unfinished business in that life, and aids the integration of the experience into the present life situation.
Many emotional problems and conflicts can be quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy.
Because many physical conditions are considered to be psychosomatic, it is found that symptoms may subside or disappear through this therapy.
Past life therapy is a rapid and effective method of healing present life issues and can be as profound an experience for the therapist as the client.

United Kingdom 1. Psychic Focusing on Past Lives, Clairvoyancy, healing and spiritual counselling. :Located in London UK

United Kingdom 2. Past lives, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Metaphoric Transpersonal inner healing. SW Surrey. UK

Singapore 3. My name is Chantal Brosens and I am a NGH Certified Hypnotherapist based in Singapore. My specialities are: Stress management, self-confidence building, forgivess therapy, child regression, fear and phobias, weight-loss, stop smoking and pastlife regression.

United Kingdom 4. Regression, Past Life recall & Counselling provision in Cardiff, Bristol, Reading, Birmingham, London, Harley St, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Glastonbury. Soul Retrieval, past lives, regression. NLP time time, Hypnotherapy regression, shamanic trips. Fellow Hypnotherapy Society. Fellow of the Counselling & Psychotherapy Society. Fellow Royal society Promotion of Health. NVQ Assessor Advice & Guidance Modules. Accredited Therapist supervisor. Full range of recall issues assisted.

website e-mail
Netherlands 5. Past Life Therapy, Personal Coaching, Mediation, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Massage.
Hilversum, Holland

website e-mail
United States 6. Ziporah Hildebrandt: Flower essences heal past life trauma, integrate past into present gently. Over 20 years experience healing emotional, psychological, spritual, parenting, relationship, incarnation issues. Graduate study in psychology; certified flower essence therapist. Can ship internationally.

website e-mail
Canada 7. Barb Keshen offers sessions for past life regression in the Toronto area. Helping you understand current life connections through past life regression.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 8. Rosemary Taylor, Glastonbury, Somerset: I use past life regression to help clear the burden of negative experiences from the auric fields. My technique includes the use of energy channelling to release trauma as it is recalled and creates an effective access point for spiritual healing.

website e-mail
Canada 9. Karen Johnson is a master hypnotherapist, past life regressionist and a energy medicine therapist. Helping individuals to release negative beliefs to become who they were meant to. Located in Toronto, Canada.

website e-mail
Australia 10. Australian Institute Of Self Development, Russell & Verena Cunningham.
Now you can release your old karma and become your destiny

Mexico 11. Spiritual Response Therapy - releases past life energies gently and easily from your soul/Akashic Record

Terapia de Respuesta Espiritual - se libera las energias de vidas pasadas suavamente y facilmente del registro de tu alma

website e-mail
Canada 12. Past life regression may help you overcome phobias, unexplained illnesses, or negative repetitive patterns of behaviour. You may also get insights into soul mates or life task. Two past lives in a typical session(on tape.) Almost everyone is able to be regressed into past lives.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 13. Lindy Cowling offers Past Life Regression Therapy in Wiltshire UK. A qualified professionally registered Hypnotherapist with the Association of Natural Medicine, Lindy uses hypnosis to guide clients into potential past lives. The therapy can help eliminate phobias, ailments and present problems.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 14. Past life therapy for help with negativity, anxiety, phobias, fears. Also hypnotic pathworking for total life balancing.

website e-mail
Canada 15. Past Life Journeying to help clear your momentum tunnel that is moving you towards a pre-scripted destiny by journeying to and healing three former lifetimes, thus reducing the momentum to zero. This heals the stories that live inside of you, so they no longer inform you.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 16. Get The Life You Want with Clinical Hypnotherapy, Time-Line therapy and Past-Life Regression therapy. David T Allen runs a successful hypnotherapy practice,in Hinckley, Leicestershire. He is passionate about helping clients get results, and offers many single-payment procedures.

website e-mail
Mexico 17. An essential part of this therapy entails eliciting memories from before birth, including time in the womb. A belief in reincarnation is not necessary for the therapy to be successful. Past Life Therapy and Past Life Regression sessions are fascinating processes.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 18. Regression Therapy enables individuals to access memories from past lives or significant events in this life. This can be an excellent way to begin healing of current problematic personal issues.
This is a sincere and confidential service that respects the individuality of evey client.

website e-mail
India 19. Vijay Jain is a past life therapist and spiritual healer based in India. Vijay has regressed patients to their past lives to cure them of their current life phobias and paranoias. Regressing patients into their past also heals the present. It is the safest and quickest way of healing.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 20. Nurse led clinic, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Blend your own package from Reiki, Hotstone Massage, Head Massage, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Past Life Regression & NLP

website e-mail
South Africa 21. Past Life Regression (PLR) is a specific and powerful method in hypnotherapy. To enter one´s previous life can be overwhelming. I will use PLR only in special cases when it is absolutely necessary for solving client´s issue.

website e-mail
United States 22. Donna is a certified regression therapist who helps people solve challenges through the use of transpersonal hypnotherapy or past-life regression. Her caring, compassionate, interactive approach assists clients in addressing a variety of life challenges (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).

website e-mail
United States 23. Exploring and resolving past life trauma by utilizing kinesiology to identify key and core concepts in your life.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 24. Please visit my web site and read the past lives of other people, the tragic and the happy,where people were simply living this life as they led previous ones.Meeting the same people and making the same mistakes.Then resulting from the past life regression were able to make major beneficial changes

website e-mail
United States 25. The Oriental Tibetan School Ner-Pa belongs to inner energetic style of kung fu. The main emphasis is put on methods and exercises applied to working with energy, astral, magic, cosmic energy, and self-actualization, the highest structures of Creation. Classes in Northbrook, IL
Oleg Cherednyk CH, CI, ADS, CMT
founder of the school teacher

website e-mail
United Kingdom 26. Very interesting for curiosity but also a powerful healing tool to shed light on limiting behavioural patterns.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 27. Find out who you were in a Past Life with this fascinating CD or download.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 28. Past life therapy with Theta DNA Healing.
- remove negative programs, beliefs, phobias, addictions, trauma, abuse, depression, allergies, toxins, illnesses, genetic flaws, soul fragments
- install fountain of youth, positive beliefs, health and vitality, self-worth, prosperity, success, love, joy

website e-mail
United Kingdom 29. Past life therapy. I will look into your past life and find out how it is affecting this life. Healing will then be given. I will also clear karmic trauma and heal any past lives that need healing.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 30. Past Life Healing sessions offered in Maida Hill, London W9

website e-mail
United States 31. Persistant non productive patterns? Travel back to the beginning and discover the source.Examine the lesson. Release the energy pattern.
Restore harmony and balance to this incarnation.

website e-mail
Canada 32. Certified Cannon Past-Life Regression Therapist located in the heart of Toronto in Yorkville~! Deborah Skye will assists you in receiving clarity in any aspect in your life, fifteen years experience. A regression consists of a half hour consultation, a two hour taped therapy.

website e-mail
United States 33. Joelle McGonagle specializes in Past Life, Childhood, Pre-natal, & Spiritual Regression therapy.
She trained at the Professional Institute of Regression Therapy with the leaders of this powerful healing modality.
She is certified to do Life Between Lives Hypnosis by the Michael Newton Institute

website e-mail
Canada 34. Rifa Hodgson specializes in Past Life, Pre-natal & Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression therapy.(M.Newton Institute)
Experience and understand the AUTHENTIC YOU-connections with others-uncover the real roots of your limitations and heal them-get in touch with you strength and talents. Offices in West Vancouver and Sunshine Coast, BC

website e-mail
United Kingdom 35. Within each of us reside the events and memories of many former lifetimes. Just as a child´s earliest experiences exert a profound influence on the later adult, so too the stored knowledge of past lives contributes to and affects our present choices and decisions. Our present is inextricably bound to the past.

I can help you to relieve past life incarnations and re-experience these formative events.

Belief in reincarnation is not necessary to achieve positive results - the only requirements are an open mind and a willingness to try.

Why not try this experience for yourself and book a regression session with me.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 36. Effective, fast tools for change and empowerment. To release fear, anxiety
and negative emotions, trauma, blockages, negative thoughts, limitations and
beliefs easily and quickly with Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques,
Neurolinguistic Programming, Past life regression, Contract breaking.
Michelle Hardwick is based in North Wales.

website e-mail
Canada 37. Does a past life influence our present, every day lives? Do you sometimes wonder were a certain habit, fear or other unusual behaviour comes from?
Past-Life Regression is an exciting trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds- worlds of your own

website e-mail
Canada 38. Release past hurts.
Experience who your were in a previous life time.
Understand why you react to situations in a certain way.
Understand your relationships at a deeper level, how are you connected. Experience a past life regression through hypnosis with a certifed Hypnotherapist. Tracy Martin is based in Edmonton, AB.

website e-mail
Canada 39. Past Life Regression Therapy allows an indiviudal to clearly see where patterns are and how one can release issues that no longer serve them in this life. Deborah Skye is Certified by The Weiss Institute with Dr. Brain and Carol Weiss, she is a Certified Cannon Method Therapist also.

website e-mail
Canada 40. Wendy Chesney is a Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist and a Certified Past Life therapist. Wendy helps her clients to go deep within themselves to find that place of strength, wisdom and calm that dispels self doubt and fear. She believes life can be lived as an exciting, awe inspiring adventure filled with surprises and opportunities. Based in Calgary, Alberta.

website e-mail
Canada 41. Achieve balance of body mind spirit. Offering Hypnosis (Adult; Child), Registered Massage Therapy (Adult to Pediatric), Fertility, Pregnancy & Pre/Post Natal services, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Reflexology, Chakra Balancing, Channelling and more. Richmond Hill, York Region, Ontario.

website e-mail
Canada 42. Explore and release past life energy blocked in your cellular memory. These blocked energies can cause pain, discomfort and disease. Discover the potential of your infinite being. Remote healing available. Michele Gervais, StillPoint, a collective of holistic healers located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

website e-mail
United States 43. JOEL ANDREWS, harpist and pioneer music healer in 1973. My Sources can bring through 3 past-lives and the present life plus totally positive Interpretation (as learning.) They end with possible ascension. Thousands of satisfied clients -- hundreds of testimonials (50 in my book). Get back on track!

website e-mail
Singapore 44. Certified past life therapist/clinical hypnotherapist provides platform for you to gently regress back
to your past to uncover your hindrances, aversions, weaknesses unexplained by circumstances in
this life. Blockages to better performance can then be removed and resulting in better relationships
and more efficient mode of thinking.

website e-mail
India 45. Aarti Khosla is a Reiki master & practicing past life therapist. She was on the International Organizing Committee of the third World Congress on regression therapy held in Rio, Brazil.The Prerna School of Inspiration is located at Chattarpur, New Delhi. It was founded by Dr. Aarti Khosla in 2005

website e-mail
United Kingdom 46. Past Life Regression is offered by qualified therapist Susan Sigger of Lifechange Therapy. Sessions offered for general interest in the subject or genuine therapeutic purposes.
Susan Sigger is based in Sheffield

website e-mail
India 47. Mr. Raj Mali, is a certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner certified by NFNLP, Florida, USA in 1999. He has been working as a Healer and Past Life Regression Facilitator successfully for more than 8 years. He pioneered EPSP (Experiential Psycho Spiritual Processing) as a healing tool.

website e-mail
Singapore 48. Certified past life therapist/clinical hypnotherapist provides platform for you to gently regress back
to your past to uncover your hindrances, aversions, weaknesses unexplained by circumstances in
this life. Blockages to better performance can then be removed and resulting in better relationships
and more efficient mode of thinking. Past life regression is not just returning to a past life, you can also use this going back into your past regression to release trauma/s created during interactions. And unless these blockages are cleared we will always be stuck in the same groove with no respite.
Christy Hu is based in Singapore.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 49. Have you ever wondered if you´ve lived before? Do you find yourself constantly held back by circumstances and events that seem out of your control?

Past life Regression could help you to discover more about you and your destiny.

FREE consultation- please visit the website for more information

website e-mail
Canada 50. Hypnosis, NLP, Past Life Regression, and Reiki services offered in Toronto and Durham Region by a Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master Domino Truitt, as well as all levels of Reiki Classes including Animal Reiki certification.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 51. Qualified Past Life Regression Therapist, The Holistic Coach, has a number of successful clinics in Central London, Epsom and Lacock Wiltshire. Please contact Gemma for more information.

website e-mail
United States 52. At DGEA LEE we are very serious about Past Life Therapy (PLT). All our practitioners have been spiritually attuned to facilitate PLT. For all who are interested, we are offering powerful energetic & personal development meditation session with focus on PLT. CHICAGO, IL

website e-mail
United States 53. Past lives. Present lessons. Future Possibilities. The key to all of these lies embedded in your Soul Story. Let a trained professional guide you through the wisdom that predates your own conscious memory. Perspective shifting, uplifting and enlightening. Alicia Isaacs Howes

website e-mail
Canada 54. Resolve the Past. Thrive Now.
Certified Hypnotherapist specialized in regression therapy. Helping you to get to the source of your issue by regression to childhood or past lives, in accordance with your consent. Tina Romano, Montreal, QC.

India 55. Dr Satish Rajawat Kushwaha is a Qualified & Certified Past Life Therapist & Life Between Life Regression Researcher since 1990, Specialised Certifications in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss,Pain Management, SPORTS HYPNOTHERAPY, emotional,spiritual,clinical hypnotherapy ,depression, based in 163, SECTOR-15,

India 56. Unravel the mysteries of your past lives at ARTH, Bangalore. Journey through your previous lives with a compassionate therapist and heal your present by resolving the baggage from your past.

website e-mail
India 57. Dr. Indrani Barooah PhD is a verified Reiki practitioner and past life therapist and is a very successful tarot card reader and EFT practitioner.

website e-mail
Germany 58. A very intense way of healing is understanding your traumas - they might come from a past life. I work with children and adults after the methods of Erika Schaefer and Tinneke Noordegraaf.
The best way to get into your own potential is combining this with Reconnective Healing.
Dr rer soz franziska Roller-Hochwald is based in
70825 Korntal-Münchingen

website e-mail
United States 59. "Soul Record Readings" of your Past matter where you are in the world. If you are near us, we also do Past Life Regressions and Past Life Therapy. Our website has a great deal of information on Past Life Therapy, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NMR, Spirit Attachments, Allergies, and more.
Dr. Hugh Harmon, Pamela Chilton, Palm Desert, CA

website e-mail
Australia 60. Lorna Simmons-Jackson and John Jackson are the Principals, Key Hypnotherapists and Trainers at the Spiritual Regression Centre in Brisbane, Australia.

They offer sessions of: Past Life Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives Regression and training.

website e-mail
United States 61. I am a medical hypnotist and hypnotherapist. I specialize in past life regression and I teach the 15th Step process. This is a reliable process for accessing your inner guidance. Best Wishes.
Katy Redmon, Petaluma, CA.

website e-mail
Suriname 62. I am a Past-life Regression Therapist with experience in treatment of traumatic issues of clients including balancing traumatic past-life related events. I am also a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and a Master NLP-Practioner, combining these healing methods in sessions on past-life therapy.

Armand Amatali, Paramaribo,
Suriname - South America.

I am also a civil engineer and hydrologist, involved in projects and activities in the field of water resources, water management and environment in Suriname, employed by the Ministry of Public Works as the Head of the Hydraulic Research Division and I am also part-time Lecturer at the Faculty of Technology of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname.

website e-mail
Switzerland 63. Laleh Ameri is an expert in Soul Clearing and healing modalities like Belvaspata and Cellular Memory healing.
During her sessions, she accesses your Soul Memory or Akashic Records in order to heal the residues of past life traumas and blocks that may hinder your progress in life.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 64. I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Past life Regression therapist providing services in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin and the Scottish Highlands.

website e-mail
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