Accessing the 5th dimension with Elizabeth Joyce1
Alexander technique27
Animal Communication28
Art therapy20
Aura therapy30
Bach flower35
Bowen therapy66
Breast Cancer - Mark Sircus Ac., OMD1
Breast Cancer early detection method3
Buteyko Breathing Therapy (BBT)48
Cancer - Heart disease - AIDS, Matthias Rath M.D.1
Cancer cure by Dr. Tullio Simoncini1
Categories under review121
Chromotherapy - Colour Therapy2
Craniosacral therapy56
Crystal healing78
Donna Fertility Testing Method1
Dorn Method14
Educational Institutes106
Environmental Medicine and Health3
Enzyme therapy11
Essential oils30
Feldenkrais method19
Feng shui50
Flotation therapy13
Flower essences59
Folk medicine31
Hawaiian Huna Massage3
High Intensity Focus Ultrasound HIFU4
Indian head massage75
Jaffe-Mellor technique (JMT)2
Jin Shin Do3
Jin shin jyutsu56
Journey therapy53
Kampo - Japan's traditional herbal medicine0
L.I.E.S.H. Therapy for breast + skin cancer1
Life coaching62
Louise L. Hay philosophy39
Low intensity laser therapy4
Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT)5
Meridian energy therapy (EFT)102
Meridian energy therapy - Thought Field Therapy40
Meridian energy therapy EmoTrance10
Meridian energy therapy FREEWAY-CER3
Meridian energy therapy REMAP process1

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Tai Chi
  The art of Tai Chi was once a secret of ancient Chinese culture. Today it is practised all over China and all over the world.
It is an exercise in both physical and mental relaxation, which has an extremely revitalising effect on mind and body.
The movements are slow, controlled and continuously flowing. Tai Chi reduces stress and develops a centering of your own self to maintain and improve your health.
The principles of Tai chi are based on the elements of Chinese medical theory, in the belief that the centre of the acupuncture meridian energy, «chi», yin yang balance enhances your well being in the holistic way to live in harmony with your own self and nature.

United Kingdom 1. Michael Jaques is a Tai Chi teacher in London. UK. Tai Chi Instructor Course
3 training options: once a week for 6 weeks.
Monday to Saturdays one hour each day
or weekends.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 2. John Dings International Academy of Tai Chi. Located in London. UK

website e-mail
United Kingdom 3. Kate Taylor is a Tai Chi instructor in Brixton. London. UK

website e-mail
Costa Rica 4. Taoist Tai Chi in Costa Rica. Volunteer instructors ensure that motivation is purely derived from enthusiasm.

Mexico 5. Instituto Lung Men is based in Mexico City, we teach Traditional Tai Chi Chuan, Yang and Chen Family and Shaolin Kung Fu classes.

website e-mail
Spain 6. Trevor Taylor and Stephen Pointer offering Tai Chi courses, retreats and camps in Southern Spain.

website e-mail
United States 7. The Tai Chi Association is based in Atlanta, GA, USA.

website e-mail
United States 8. Your resource for the world of Tai Chi. Enhance your Tai Chi training, learn new techniques, improve your martial arts school. Based in the USA.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 9. Rising Phoenix Tai Chi is based in the UK. Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong to improve health. Meditation and relaxation in ongoing courses and residential workshops for individuals and corporate clients. Producers of videos: Tai Chi (Harmony In Motion) and The Eighteen movements of Tai Chi~Chi Kung Shibashi.

website e-mail
Canada 10. Feng Shui to improve health, wealth, career, education, luck and protection. Good Feng Shui enhances harmony between heaven, earth and man thereby bringing prosperity, abundance and good fortune.

website e-mail
United States 11. The Princeton Center for Yoga & Health is a yoga and holistic health center located in Skillman, NJ. The Center offers a variety of yoga, meditation and Tai Chi classes.

website e-mail
United States 12. Trained in Taiwan and China, Dr. Zimmerman teaches Tai-Chi and Pa Kua Zhang as both a health development system and as a martial art to those interested in this aspect.

website e-mail
United States 13. Tai chi chuan (taijiquan) school serving NJ NY and PA areas. In Sussex / Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey. FREE tai chi uniform w/ classes. Call 973-202-9409 to start!

website e-mail
United States 14. David and Teah Akrish have over 40 years between the both of them in martial arts, speicifically Tai Chi Chuan and Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. As members of the International Plum Blossom Federation, they offer classes in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu in their Seattle kwoon, to teach health and self-defense.

website e-mail
Israel 15. Rabbi Legomsky and Avraham Gundle DO/ND have developed
THE JEWISH MIND BODY TUNE UP based on combining Talmudic, Meridian Therapy, Kenesiology, and Martial Arts/Tai Chi sources. We have not found any better exercise program, and made 2 CDs and a book teaching this exercise/treatment, & Meditation

website e-mail
United States 16. Hello my name is Steve Noble and I´ve been studying martial arts for over 15 years. I specialize in meditation, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi. I am located in Lawrence, Kansas which is near Kansas City. Strive for balance every day.

United States 17. Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in northern New Jersey and New York City.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 18. Tai Chi Health Exercise, Relaxation, Pain Management, Complimentary Therapy, Fife, Scotland.
Weekly Classes Monday - Friday, Mornings & Afternoons,
Suitable for All Adult Age Groups.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 19. simple tai chi is an ancient approach to modern health and wellbeing.
it is a graceful and elegant ancient chinese internal martial art and form of holistic exercise. stc is a set of flowing movements, postures, meditation and breathing exercises used to keep your chi or vital energy flowing.

website e-mail
United States 20. Tai Chi Depot, a Tai Chi online store based in USA and offers free shipping worldwide. Styles of Tai Chi DVDs by Tai Chi Masters Yang Zhen Duo, Chen Zheng Lei, Sun Jian Yun and the Taoist form of You Xuan De. Also there are articles and free instructions about tai chi exercise on the site.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 21. Promoting a better understanding of alternative disciplines for a healthier longer life.
Colin Orr is based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

website e-mail
Germany 22. Florian Nelle - We teach the original Tai Chi and internal martial arts of the Wudang Mountains and are a member of Wudang Germany. Our Chinese Masters are You Xuande and Tang Li Long. Köln, Germany

website e-mail
Denmark 23. Knud Erik Andersen - The most visited site on Tai Chi Chuan in Europe.
Lots of photos, articles etc.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

website e-mail
Sweden 24. Therese Teo Mei Mei, a disciple of Grandmaster Yang Zhendou teaches both the traditional Yang and Chen school of tai chi chuan for health and self defence. Stockholm, Sweden

website e-mail
United States 25. The form of Tai Chi Chuan practiced at the Tai Chi Berkeley school is a shortened Yang-family form developed by Professor Cheng Man Ch´ing. Tai Chi Berkeley instructor Lenzie Williams is a senior student of Laoshi Lo Pang Jeng (Mr. Ben Lo), who learned Tai Chi from Professor Cheng.

website e-mail
United States 26. David Shaver - Training in Yang and Wu, Yu Xiang Styles of T´ai Chi Ch´uan, Push Hands and Weapons. Qigong and Taoist Spiritual training provide a well rounded program of martial, health and spiritual benefits.
Our practice is rooted in the principles of Master Jou, Tsung Hwa, our grand teacher. East Haddam, Connecticut

website e-mail
United States 27. Master Jesse Tsao - San Diego´s most complete Tai Chi Qigong source! Tai Chi classes, Tai Chi videos, certification of Tai Chi instructors, Tai Chi Chi Kung workshops with Chen Zhenglei, Li Deyin, Chen Xiaowang, Dan Lee in San Diego, Del Mar, Solana Beach, La Jolla, Encinitas. Tai Chi Masters free video clips.

website e-mail
United States 28. Laddie Sacharko - Starfarm Tai Chi & Qi Gong Search Center - Tai Chi taught for health benefits, for Seniors and for Abler adults. Qigong for health, fitness, meditation. Search Center practise as opposed to Push Hands. Home of WeiQigong of Prof Duan Zhi Liang (Healing with Qi), Reiki Treatment and Training. Brazilian Rainforest Energy Healing techniques.

website e-mail
United States 29. Learn Just How the Tai Chi Masters Do It! "Learn the ´Chi´ secrets to Tai Chi and Qigong ... and watch your health, stress level, and energy improve in just 10 minutes a day!" Free eBooks and Online Courses with text, photos, video and audio. Learn-at-Home course with Instructor´s Certification.

website e-mail
Australia 30. Grand Master Kellen Chia: Tai Chi & Qigong classes in many suburbs in Sydney. Tai Chi DVD & Qigong DVD - instructional DVD. Tai Chi Society has been teaching Tai Chi for six generations.

website e-mail
Netherlands 31. This is the site from Joppe Douwes. He is a professional tai chi teacher in Holland and Europa.
With a background of western and Chinese medicine and a lot of martial arts Joppe gives a lot of in depth information and deeper insights in the tai chi training and your self.

website e-mail
Denmark 32. Classes in Classic Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style in Copenhagen, Aarhus & Odense, Denmark. Tai Chi-instructor Bjorn Darboe Nissen has trained Tai Chi Chuan since 1982. Teambuilding and events arranged for companies and institutions.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 33. Clear Sky Tai Chi is one of the largest Tai Chi schools in Sussex. We teach the Cheng Man Chi´ng hand and Sword forms and Push Hands as well as Chi Gung and Meditation.
We offer 1-2-1, group and corporate classes across Sussex as well as instructor training and weekend residentials.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 34. Learn the art of Infinite Tai Chi and Chi Kung, holistic exercises to improve your health, calm your emotions, relax your mind and bring a greater sense of inner peace and well being. Courses and workshops held in London.

website e-mail
India 35. "Fire phoenix Tai - Chi Association"
Lead A Natural Life Let Us Show You the Way
Which We Came God Guided Us Feel The Godly "Chi"
"Chi" The Life Force
Discover It Lead Ur Life "Naturally"
Life Span Is Counted Not By Day - But
By Breath Of 22000 A day "Buddha Bless You"

United Kingdom 36. We teach Tai Chi in the traditional way, which means without music, without shortcuts and without promises of early achievement. And that is the main goal of our school:
not just provide you with the basic skills in a short workshop, but rather to guide you on a traditional way, on a long journey.

website e-mail
United States 37. Ching Hsin Martial Arts Dojo offers Tai Chi classes in New York for relaxation, fitness & health. Easy for beginners to follow. Both long and short term programs available.

website e-mail
Spain 38. Master Haoqing Liu´s School of Chikung-Taichi and Chinese Medicine Centre. Master Liu´s Chikung-­TaiChi will open up a new chapter in the history of Qigong: It will present not only a way of diagnosis, disease prevention and therapy, but also body building, callisthenics, etc.
See website for details. Based in Madrid

website e-mail
United States 39. The ZHANG SAN FENG FESTIVAL is the ultimate tai chi (taijiquan) retreat, workshops and semiar expo. Yes, this is THE ORIGINAL one founded by Master Jou Tsung Hwa of Tai Chi Farm. Atmosphere is of total enjoyment, high quality teachers, and honestly, the best tai chi deal for your hard-earned money

website e-mail
United States 40. Sifu Dr. Jan L. Miller: Instruction offered in Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, and a Special Tai Chi for Kids Program. Smithtown, NY

website e-mail
United States 41. Continuous and returning fist; Yang style; short and long forms. Qi Gong (Chi Kung), and push hands basics. Five move and 101 move forms. Health, internal strength, calm spirit, and a sure technique for self defense. Greg Hayes, Jade Dragon Alaska

website e-mail
United States 42. Trained in the US, China and Europe Dr. Rosenfarb specializes in treating patients sufferring with pain, infertility, allergies, and degenerative vision loss. Clinics in Westfield, NJ 07090 and Watchung, NJ 07059. Dr. Rosenfarb took his very first Tai Chi Chaun Class at age 11. He teaches beginner classes to individuals wishing to learn the basics of Tai Chi, as well as teaching a traditional Tai Chi form called the Yang Short Form.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 43. Swimming Dragon School of Sun Style Tai Chi.
Teaching the classical internal arts of the Sun Family in South Wales. The Tai Chi style is renown as a therapy for arthritis. The School has a reputation for training new arthritis therapy instructors for Wales.

United States 44. How many exercise programs can you start after age fifty that will sustain a vibrant and healthy lifestyle? Tai Chi for Enlighteners™ has been created with you in mind. Unlike other tai chi programs, it’s easy to learn. My instructions are clear and concise as I count each and every step.

website e-mail
United States 45. RubbO - art of energy. BreatheStrong™, a proactive system of restorative self-care. Transformational BreathWork Intensives and One-on-One Personal Appointments. We offer Qigong, Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi, Shao Lin, Hsing Yi and Bagua. The Rubbos have 35 years experience in martial and healing arts. San Anselmo, CA

website e-mail
United States 46. T’ai Chi Ch’uan/Chi Kung Classes in Austin, TX
This ancient Chinese martial art form is designed to enhance the body, mind, and spirit. This exercise form promotes health, fitness, and longevity.
For more information: Contact Marjorie Jackson, River City Tai Chi School.

website e-mail
United States 47. Naturopathic medicine site of Paul Blake, PhD, Cancer Survivor and Master Herbalist, Tai Chi and Yoga Instructor. Iridology, live blood microscopy, face tongue nail analysis. Also use of nutrition, cleansing detoxing, herbs, whole food supplements, stress management etc.

website e-mail
South Africa 48. Lao Kung is a classical Chinese health practice, situated in Observatory Cape Town. Acupuncture, Chinese massage, tuina and moxibustion are utilized as healing therapies. Martial arts such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung are also available as private lessons. Group classes are available in Pinelands and home tuition in the Southern Suburbs.

website e-mail
United States 49. Cynthia Ming´s Tai Chi Fitness in Nyack, NY, USA. We offer Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Gentle Pilates/Yoga and Integrative Body Conditioning. Group and Private, day and evening lessons available. We wish everyone peace and blessings throughout their day.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 50. We are passionate about Taijiquan & Qigong & adhere to the classical principles & theories of these age-old traditional Chinese arts. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality of teaching so that you can develop your understanding of Taijiquan’s core principles & theories

website e-mail
United States 51. Group and Private Instruction in Chen and Yang Styles of Tai Chi Chuan in Hilo, Hawaii. Beginner to Advanced. Special programs for rehabilitation and for the elderly and physically challenged.

United States 52. Tai Chi and Qigong classes and workshops at your location throughout Central and Eastern Connecticut. We use a combination of Qigong and simple Tai Chi movements to accelerate students´ development and energy awareness. Yang style Tai Chi including 24 and other short forms.

website e-mail
United States 53. Tai Chi Chuan Berkeley: Yang style Tai Chi Chuan classes at The Beat in Berkeley with Andreas Asmus. Learn Tai Chi, improve your health and balance body and mind.

website e-mail
United States 54. T´ai Chi´s health benefits include improved physical & mental balance, decreased stress, lower blood pressure, less muscle tension, & increased flexibility. Structural alignment and weight bearing movement improve bone strength. Wed AM & Thur eve Classes in Wayland, MA . E-mail or call for more info

website e-mail
China 55. Wudang Mountain is where Tai Chi all started. Learn with Taoist masters whose lineage goes back to Master Zhang San Feng himself. San Feng Tai Chi, Internal Kung Fu, Taoist health and medicine. Long term, 2-5 yr international disciple and prospective master enrollments available.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 56. Phoenix Tai Chi Chuan Academy aims to promote and spread Tai Chi while maintaining its tradition as passed down from ancestors of the art. It will help you to :
- Develop skills for self defence
- Foster self-awarensess and confidence
- Increase energy levels, flexibility and strength

website e-mail
United Kingdom 57. Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi in the manner of Yang Zhen Ji, Eternal Spring Qi Gong and Shaolin Warrior Health Rejuvenation Exercises also known as Buddha Palm Qi Gong. International Trainings, Workshops, and Instructor Training and Mentoring.

website e-mail
United States 58. Traditional Yang Style Cheng Man Ch´ing lineage practitioner 40 years. Creator: ROM Dance® and Tai Chi Fundamentals® Programs that integrate Tai Chi into medical model exercise, balance and and sports training. Ongoing collaboration with health professionals. CEU courses, certification.

website e-mail
United States 59. Exercise Physiologist and Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, videos and author. Harvey Kurland was a direct student of Grandmasters Kuo Lien Ying of the Guang Ping Style and Tchoung Ta-tchen of the Old form of Yang Style. He is Certified by the CTCCA to teach, and is certified by the ACSM , ISSA, and NSCA.

website e-mail
Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis - cure needed!2
Neural Depolarization2
No Hands Massage6
Oral Medicine, Natural Dentistry + Stomatology2
Past life therapy64
Permaculture - Paraguay1
Personal Development Method LTA1
Pranic healing21
Process acupressure11
Prostate Cancer therapies2
Psychic healing46
Psycho neuro-immunology + Psycho neuro-endocrinology3
Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl64
Rosen Method Bodywork18
SCENAR, self-healing stimulation from Russia35
Scientific Research18
Siddha, medicine of South India6
Sound Healing54
Spiral Release Bodywork1
Spiritual healing144
Sweat lodge8
Tai Chi59
Thalasso therapy9
Theta Healing13
Tibetan Medicine2
Traditional Chinese Medical Divination1
Traditional Chinese Medicine69
Unani, Greek-Arabic medicine17
Vibrational Healing and DNA1
WWW for therapists: website, blog, seo, ppc1
Yoga Jnana1
Yoga Sahaja1
Yoga Samadhi + Sankalpa Shakti2
Yoga Sapta1
Yoga Satyananda3
Yoga Vedanta0

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