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Yoga Samadhi + Sankalpa Shakti
  In Samadhi a person is filled with effulgent light
and invisible to the human eye.
Matter in the body is maintained as energy.

The scientific version of this yogic science is
Albert Einstein´s equation E = MC2,
which states that matter and energy are one and the same
and thus matter can be converted into energy
and vice versa.

Yogic science states that the body is composed of various layers, the outer layer which we see is sthula shariri, the gross body. Beyond are 3 layers of sukshama sharir, subtle body, and finally the layer of karana sharir, the
causal sheath.

How do you prove this ?

Imagine this scenario:
Thousands of people, sceptics, academics, yogis and last not least members of the worldwide press with their cameras and sharpened pencils gather to watch a guru climb into an airtide
glass container - for 96 hours - .
The guru disappears and reappears - being visible then invisible - repeating this process several times.

Why would you want to give this demonstration ?

To promote peace and goodwill - to remind us of the sacred
esoteric yogic science called Sankalpa Shakti, the key to
yourself and the power to enliven universal consciousness.
The secret teachings of Sankalpa Shakti are guarded by Hymalayan Masters. Their aim is to promote these teachings
for the benefit of man.

What happened ?

The scenario as described above happened in the town of
Madhya Pradesh, India. At 1 pm on the 11th of April 2003
Mahayogi Pilot Baba, a Himalayan Master from a lineage which traces its ancestry to Kripacharyaji of the Mahabharata,
climbed into an airtide glass container and stayed there for ninetysix hours. Pilot Baba had gone into Samadhi. Sometimes he was visible - sometimes he was not.

At 1 pm on the 15th of April he emerged in excellent health
and spirit and explained:
The air is breath or prana (life force). In Samandhi one becomes
prana, one with everything, one with existence.

Albert Einstein would have enjoyed seeing the prove of his equation.

India 1. In a quiet, contemplative and energised space in the Indian Himalayas a hermitage was built for yogis in a space where many Himalayan masters have meditated since 1133. Mahayogi Pilot Baba´s hermitage was intended for meditating ascetics. Now renovated and expanded, it houses the Mahayog Academy, to form a meeting ground between the spiritual masters and sages of India and the 21st century person who is a product of the current environment. The Academy aims to introduce many to the spiritual learning and 5000 year old practices of the Himalayan masters . The most popular programme is an Advanced course called "Towards Samadhi".

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India 2. Pilot Baba:
Your DNA is the blueprint of life. DNA is the energy of the seeding and is associated with creation. To synchronize with the field of energy that holds this galaxy together, the divine and sacred Himalayan code of Initiation by a blessed and awakened Master stimulates a grand spiraling movement to resonate the original seed, the spark of light of God presence into a creative biopsychic transformation. The ecstasy of the healing energy of Deeksha allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things; therefore, overriding any illusion that we have created which causes us to believe, we are separate from God/Spirit/Source.

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