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Meridian energy therapy FREEWAY-CER
  FREEWAY-CER SYSTEM, a Meridian Energy Therapy

By Tom Bolton & Beverley Anderson Originators of the System.

Briefly about FREEWAY-CER

FREEWAY CER is a comprehensive system of elements that we have been using for several years helping many people gain relief from a wide variety of uncomfortable conditions. We were happy developing it and using it with our own clients in our practice here in Wallasey England. However after much persuasion from lots of people and close friends we decided to make it available to others. Already many people around the world are using FREEWAY-CER and are delighted to report its effectiveness and almost immediate successful healing or removal of very seriously distressing conditions and illnesses. It has already been translated into Spanish and Portuguese Languages as well as English. Because of its effectiveness we have decided to now train up more therapists and Tutors so that FREEWAY-CER can be shared with the rest of the world.

Our research over many years into the Ageless Wisdom and Healing teachings of the World has given us access to much valuable information and knowledge that has been hidden from the ordinary peoples of the world. We have been using this knowledge to adapt and devise modern approaches based on Ageless Wisdom Teachings. In the last 6 years we have developed the FREEWAY CER (Change Energy Routine) which very rapidly removes distressful conditions, often in minutes. There are also many other elements within the system that offer almost anyone simple profound and powerful ways to gain or regain good health.

Conditions that can be remised often very quickly include:

Anxiety, nervousness, panics, depression,

Phobias including: flying, heights, spiders, choking, mice, onions, darkness, open spaces,

Addictions including; tobacco, alcohol and hard and soft drugs including; heroin, methadone cocaine;

Eating disorders, insomnia, low self esteem, behavioural disorders, aggressiveness,

Lack of confidence, lack of concentration, studying & passing exams, passing driving tests

PTSD, PMT, pains without any medical causes; plus an endless list of other symptomatic and painful conditions.


The Root of most negative emotionally based problem/s might be an unknown or unremembered something or things that happened or were imagined to have happened sometime before now in your past and which are no longer productive relevance or significance at this time. The original roots could have dissolved but still left disturbances and shadows lurking in the unconscious levels of mind.

These hidden unknowns might be the causal factor/s behind incorrect flow and unbalance within the body´s energy and nervous system.

The results in your life may be one or a combination of painful, emotional, mental, physical or diseased conditions. Any of these may have proven to be long lasting and highly resistant to any form of change thus restricting your life in so many ways.

FREEWAY CER SYSTEM therefore offers a selection of powerful change-work tools that may help you and your clients dissolve echo´s from the past quickly, comfortably and without effort, thus offering you more freedom of choice and peace of mind. It also offers you advice and guidance on maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

Good health occurs when all the energy within main meridians, other energy channels, chakras, and organs is balanced and flowing freely. If there is a blockage or there is too much or too little energy in one part of the system for any length of time then ill health, disease or malfunctions will quickly follow. More energy flowing freely increases overall consciousness within the whole system/being and contributes to greater stamina, positivity and clarity of mind.

So why and how Does FREEWAY-CER work:

Briefly FREEWAY-CER Elements work by balancing the energy within the energy systems and the nervous system of the body and in doing this releasing and dissolving emotional psychological and/or physical blockages and bringing mind body and spirit back into a healthy and balanced and more comfortable set of states.

United Kingdom 1. Tom Bolton & Beverley Anderson are the originators of the Freeway-Cer System.
Tom is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Holistic Practitioner with 21 years experience as a therapist. Bev is a Reflexologist and healer.

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United Kingdom 2. Freeway-CER (Change Energy Routine), a meridian energy therapy developed over the past 17 years, is a comprehensive system of exercises, procedures, advice, and guidance that has helped many people gain relief from a variety of conditions.

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United Kingdom 3. Gaia Holistix is a Therapeutic Healing Practice based in the quiet village
of Great Barugh in North Yorkshire. It is run by Vivien and Paul.

Meridian therapies use techniques that are from ageless wisdom teachings of the world which have helped thousands of people regain control of their lives.

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