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Meridian energy therapy EmoTrance
  Introduction To EmoTrance

by Silvia Hartmann

After having worked for four years intensively with EFT and having observed, experienced and facilitated the very real miracles Meridian Energy Therapies can produce especially in the treatment of all things which have a basis in emotional "disturbances", I had developed a healthy respect for METs. I had also come to learn many things about the human energy system and the energy body along the way - and all of these things I learned entirely by watching and observing, making changes and testing the responses but NOT by studying acupuncture charts or ancient texts.

The original METs relied on a limited number of points to produce change in the energy system which by extension, leads to change in how a person feels, acts, behaves and experiences their lives after the treatments. EFT uses a "total redundancy" approach to clear all the major channels during a session which is extremely successful, especially if repeat treatments are used to catch aspects that were missed or address further energy blockages. I´m not sure why it took me so long but in 2002, I had an instant insight into the relationship between the energy body, emotions and the physical body - namely, that *all* emotions are nothing more (and of course, nothing less!) than simply feedback devices to alert us to the existing conditions in the energy body, just the same as physical pain is nothing more (and certainly nothing less!) than a feedback device to alert us to existing conditions in the physical body.

It is well known that repeatedly experiencing the same strong emotions has a very direct correlation to the onset of physiological symptoms and this was the bridge I used in the system I called EmoTrance in order to show and demonstrate clearly to everyone concerned just exactly *where* in a person´s body the disturbances occur at the energetic level.

It is crucial to EmoTrance to know that we work from the assumption that people´s energy bodies are NATURALLY DESIGNED to handle just about any kind of existing energy in this World. That there are channels and pathways which, if they are clear and functioning properly, can and will channel even the most powerful of energies we can imagine into us, through us and out in an Even Flow movement.

Re-Establishing The Even Flow

EmoTrance works to re-establishing a full and functioning flow of a *very wide range of energy types* in, through and out a person´s body in three ways:

1. Firstly, by teaching and learning the basic EmoTranceTM technique to find the pathways for energies that need to flow rather than be stuck, held on to or deflected out;

2. Secondly, by softening and releasing old energy blockages (which show up directly and uncontrovertibly through the medium of *physiological sensations* in a person´s body);

3. Thirdly, by repairing channels, networks and areas of the energy body to enable these areas to once again allow a smooth flowing of incoming energies into, through and out of the system.

United Kingdom 1. EmoTrance - THE quantum healing modality! Self help protocols, techniques, manuals, downloads, practitioners and events, news groups, forums and much more!

Visit us today and find out more about the exciting EmoTrance 2007 Conference training weekend with Dr Silvia Hartmann and friends.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 2. EmoTrance books, CD´s and related products. DragonRising Publishing publish the outstanding ´Oceans of Energy´ (EmoTrance Vol.1) and follow up books.

*Half Price Introduction Offer + Free Downloads* (Free sign-up required)

Browse our fanatsic customer feedback and see what all the fuss is about!

website e-mail
United Kingdom 3. Theta DNA Healing - transform your life!
- remove negative programs, beliefs, phobias, addictions, trauma, abuse, depression, allergies, toxins, illnesses, genetic flaws, soul fragments,
- install fountain of youth, positive beliefs, health and vitality, self-worth, prosperity, success, love, joy. Higher Denham, Middlesex

website e-mail
United Kingdom 4. Rosalind Horswell: Working with energy allows a freedom of spirit and peace of mind.

Let go of your fears and phobias to allow joy to be part of your life.

Read Janet´s story on the website (Energy Psychology page) to see how quickly your life can be totally turned around.

100% guaranteed results or no fee! Fareham, Hampshire

website e-mail
United Kingdom 5. Barbara Burgess: Healing for mind, body, spirit and soul. Instant healing from stress, worry, panic attacks and much more. Stop Smoking, lose weight and more.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 6. Training Courses in EmoTrance. Because our courses are highly practical participants become both skilled and confident in using EmoTrance to treat a range of emotional problems. You will be supported by Peter Delves, who was one of the first people to be trained by Silvia Hartmann in 2002. Based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

website e-mail
United Kingdom 7. EmoTrance Practitioner Courses with Irene Lambert KFRP LNCP LTAMT.
A practical course to re-establish energy flow throughout the body. Softening, releasing and flowing. Incredible gentle process. Fun to learn. No special skills required.
Derbyshire, Nottingham, Leicestershire and overseas.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 8. Sally Canning is Passionate about empowering and enabling people on all levels of their being providing powerful tools for transforming lives, behaviours and feelings, offering an enriched and expanded view of the world. Supporting people to be the best they can.

website e-mail
United Kingdom 9. Heather Hull - experienced practitioner of Advanced Meridian Energy Therapies (EFT+, EmoTrance, TAT) Licenced by AMT and Sidereus Foundation.

Fast & effective treatment for Addictions, Fears, Phobias, Stress, Panic Attacks, PTSD.

Derbyshire, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Dronfield, HopeValley

website e-mail
United Kingdom 10. EmoTrance is an effective way of releasing stuck emotions such as sadness, anger, fear. These feelings can create disturbances in your energy system and this can affect your emotional and physical health.
EmoTrance heals emotional pain thereby restoring your emotional health and well being.

website e-mail
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